1.12 Baby Girl’s Room

Time with little Cassiopeia has seemed to fly by. She’s been a pretty regular night owl, up long after her brothers have gone to bed. But she’s been good, not too fussy, while I’ve painted in order to have contractors come in to build a room for her. After taking a look at the house, they told me that moving our bedroom over a little and adding a small hallway to her room would be the easiest on a tight budget. So that’s what we did. They also threw in adding a wall in the bathroom so that Brennen and I could have our own. It also means that people can stop walking in on each other while one is showering.

06-12-15_9-36 PM

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1.11 A Bundle of Joy

I forgot to mention, because I was just so tired after my vacation, that when I got home I noticed a new addition to our studio space. Brennen apparently went out and bought a woodworking table. Or well, he claims he found it at a neighbor’s garage sale, and that it wasn’t that expensive. And I do trust my husband. He knows we can’t spend too much with baby number three on the way. He’s hoping that maybe he can make our dining room table and chairs himself, so he don’t have to spend too much on a set for our family. And if he gets good enough, maybe we could even sell some of it and earn money that way like I do with my painting. Though, we’ll see because he does just love playing on his guitar. Might need to just set a time for him to work every day.

06-12-15_9-13 PM

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1.10 A Tiny Vacation

Now that Orion is grown up a little and capable of taking care of himself, I’ve been focusing a little more on hopefully ensuring myself a daughter. I just want a little girl that I can play dolls with and hopefully share my artistic passions with. Orion is seeming to take an interest in art too, but he and Sirius are both enjoying watching his father play the guitar, and practice on their violin more than either one do anything artistic.

In order to help ensure a baby girl, I’ve been harvesting and eating the wild strawberries that grow around the estate. I’ve been eating them so much that Brennen says I am starting to smell like strawberries. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

06-12-15_8-49 PM


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1.9 Orion Ages Up

Saving and scrimping has finally paid off. We were able to afford a study room. We’ve moved Brennen’s instruments into it, which means that he can rock out to his heart’s content and he won’t disrupt any television watching or anyone napping on the couch. And he likes having a little room for it, he mentioned something about the acoustics of the room are perfect for his sound and practicing.

06-07-15_11-07 PM

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1.8 My Own Bedroom

This update, little journal, won’t be too long. Life with a child and a baby has left us ever busy trying to make sure everything is taken care of. Sirius is pretty independent where he can be, but he’s still our son and I love making and spending time with him. Which is partially why Brennen and I hung out in his room while the builders finalized the master bedroom. It’s a little sparse right now, because we had just enough to build it. They insisted on lengthening the bathroom too, said it would lead to better things in the future. All I think it might lead to is us putting up a wall ourselves and putting in a second bathroom just off our bedroom so we have two in the house. But, yay, Brennen and I finally have our own room. I’m excited to spend our first night in it, not in the kitchen where you can hear the soft hum of the fridge, or god help me if Brennen tries to practice his guitar while I am trying to sleep. I now have a door between me and the instruments. He can practice to his heart’s content.

06-07-15_10-57 PM

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1.7 Gold Date Night

Sunday finally arrived, and I don’t think Brennen and I could have been more happy. We had a sitter watch Sirius and Orion, and we headed out. He told me that where we were going was a surprise, and he wouldn’t tell me where we were headed. Curious as I was, I was excited too. It was the first time he’d done something as a surprise like this for me.

06-07-15_10-43 PM

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1.6 A New Addition

I know last time I told you I would come back with my date, but well, the only day off that Brennen and I share since my last promotion was Sunday so we had to wait until then in order to have our date. And in the mean time, we did have some important happenings around the house. For starters, Brennen had a co-worker over while I was at work, who chilled at the house with him. And Sirius brought home a little friend from school.

06-07-15_10-21 PM

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