Author Note 20 – A New Heir is Picked


Thank you all for voting, some twice! Heh. The tie has been broken and we have a winner!

*drum roll*

Heir final

ROSE! The eldest daughter, will be our Generation 3 Heir!


Congratulation to Rose. I can’t wait for it to become her time to take over. Until then, she’ll be hopefully dating around to find a future husband.

And, because her name is Rose, her children will be named after flowers. If you want to suggest names for some of her future children, please leave them in the comments. =)


Author Note 19 – Tie means one more poll!

me lone

Hey everyone! Thank you for participating in my Heir poll! I am happy to see everyone participate!

The results:

Gen 3 Heir results 1

As you can see, we have a tie between Rose and Hermione. Which means I need people to VOTE ONE MORE TIME!

The Candidates have been narrowed down to the two who tied:

Rose – Teen and Eldest of this generation


Hermione – Child, Alien, and Youngest of this generation

sm Hermione

Please VOTE NOW! Poll will close tomorrow, Monday May 23 at 4pm Central Standard Time.  (If we end up with a tie again, I will break it with my choice, but I want to see if those split votes for Lily will tip the balance between the other two.


Author Note 18 – Next Heir Poll

me lone Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we had a note from me, but it’s VERY important! Now that Hermione is a child, I wanted to get thoughts on who you want to be the next Heir for this family.  Hermione was kind of a swing from left field, because I didn’t expect Draco to get abducted, but it does add an interesting twist to the mix if the story wanted to go that route, and add some Alien DNA into the family.

So please! PLEASE! Vote now on who you think should be the next Heir. Voting will be open until Sunday (5/22) at 5pm Central Standard Time.


The choices are:

Rose (Currently Teen)


Lily (Currently Teen)

sm Lily

Ginny (Currently Teen)

sm Ginny

Hermione (Currently Child – Full blooded Alien)

sm Hermione

Again, the POLL IS HERE

Thanks so much for reading, and voting!

Author Note 17 – Boy/Girlfriends for the Heirs

me lone Hey Everyone!

So Rose aged up in this last episode, and the twins, Ginny and Lily will be aging up soon as well. And now that they’re all (soon to be) teenagers, it’d be nice to find them boyfriends or girlfriends to date, especially for the one that will be becoming the next Heir. So I’m asking you, dear readers, to make some teens for these girls to date. Please use #WrittenGen3 to submit potential date-ables for the girls.

Thank you so much!