1.12 Baby Girl’s Room

Time with little Cassiopeia has seemed to fly by. She’s been a pretty regular night owl, up long after her brothers have gone to bed. But she’s been good, not too fussy, while I’ve painted in order to have contractors come in to build a room for her. After taking a look at the house, they told me that moving our bedroom over a little and adding a small hallway to her room would be the easiest on a tight budget. So that’s what we did. They also threw in adding a wall in the bathroom so that Brennen and I could have our own. It also means that people can stop walking in on each other while one is showering.

06-12-15_9-36 PM

Even with two active boys and a newborn baby, Brennen and I found some alone time together. And well, husband and wife will be husband and wife. Short story is, even though Cassiopeia is barely a few days old, I’m pregnant again. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re really going to try for ten kids. I’m not sure this house has room for all of them, but we found the money for Cass’ room so we’ll find the money as they come for more space. A happy family we will be though, that much I can promise my family.

06-12-15_9-41 PM

And while I have been painting away, as well as cooking family meals and taking care of Cassiopeia, Brennen has been hard at work on his woodworking table. So far we have a new bar stool. It’s not a lot, but between selling my work and selling some of his before we chose to keep it, we were able to furnish little Cassiopeia’s room. I’ll make sure to show a full picture of it next, but I just felt that showing Brennen working at his table. He’s kind of sexy in his flame boxers and shirt, just working to support the family.

06-12-15_9-43 PM

And here’s a slightly better picture of Cassiopeia’s room. It’s styled very similar to her brothers’ room, in that it has a giant stuffed toy and there’s room for a second bed on the other wall. Only because we currently don’t need a second bed we haven’t added one and her stuffed toy is a Unicorn instead of a Dragon. Plus, while her brothers have the toy box, she will have a doll house once she’s grown up. And, like the two boys, her birth certificate is over her big girl bed.

06-12-15_9-45 PM

A shot of the whole house with the renovations complete. Plus, that fancy mirror in the main bathroom was made by Brennen. And he’s add another two stools, so three in total.

06-12-15_9-46 PM-2

At this rate, maybe we will have a dinning room table before too long. Brennen wants to re-do the kitchen at some point to create an island that we can use those stools at too so I doubt we’ll be selling them even after he learns to make a table and dining room chairs.  That’s all for now though. Abigail out.


7 thoughts on “1.12 Baby Girl’s Room

    • Yeah, I’ve never done that, but it’s a fun goal to try and work towards. I’m just praying she starts having a couple sets of twins or something or she may not make it to 10 because it’ll take too long.

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  1. 10 children! I’ve never tried that but I’m curious to see how far you can get before she gets old. I have a feeling that in sims 4 children are easier to raise than in previous games, but please do tell. with so many of them you’ll have a great image of that.


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