2.4 Birthday Joy


Day two on my new job. Treating patients has been an exhilarating experience. It’s still stumping me when I analyze their samples, but the other doctors on call say that soon enough I’ll have a better grasp of it and be able to diagnose my own patients. I’m getting there. Slowly. And I can’t wait until I can treat the patients all by myself, from exam to meds. That will be an exciting day. One of the doctors even suggested I buy an analyzer for home use, and run like metals and minerals through it as practice, give me more experience for work on the machine over all.

And I think I might look into that. I think it’d be fun to work on some of these things at home.

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2.3b – Small Words

So, I know I passed this blog onto Draco, but I couldn’t help but sneaking in a quick post because of what happened the night he had his fiancee stay over.

I had told them good night, and they waved good night to me as well. I slept pretty soundly until about 2 a.m. Hearing something in the main room, I peaked out to see if maybe one of the boys had gotten up to snag some food, or maybe if Lauryn was having trouble sleeping here for the first night.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who it was. Brennen, returned to me, at least for the night. He had a green-ish glow to him, and was transparent, so I knew it wasn’t really him but more a ghost of him. But that didn’t stop my heart from beating faster in my chest for seeing him. He even looked as handsome as he did when we’d met. I couldn’t believe it.

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2.2 New Loves

The day started off pretty slow. With it being my day off, I wasn’t really too motivated to get up very early in order to get moving when I had no where to go. So I stayed in bed until I heard the soft strumming of dad’s guitar. Getting out of bed, I took a quick shower and then headed downstairs to see if maybe one of my brothers had gotten into the music room too early.

No, it was mom. She’s not very good, because she hasn’t played before, but I get why she wanted to try it. It was dad’s after all.

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2.1 Getting the Hang of Adulting

Hey everyone. So, Mom won’t be able to continue these little entries. I know she was looking to pass this tradition onto me soon, we just didn’t expect for it to happen this soon. Unfortunately, while she was work on on a book the other night she heard Dad fall in the bedroom. She raced in there to see him dying next to the bed. I can’t imagine how hard it had to be to have to watch that happen.

11-07-15_7-15-09 AM

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1.50 Draco’s Time

It felt a little lonely in the house after Orion left, though Brennen said that was just because there were fewer adults in the house to help with the chores and things around. Though, he did say that he enjoyed the time between getting up and the kids still being asleep because it wasn’t time for school yet, because we could just have a quiet, easy morning. And while Draco had been up, with his job at the coffee house, he gets home an hour before school starts, giving him just enough time to grab his things, take care of any necessary business, and then hitting the bus for school.

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1.49 Orion’s Wedding


I think we made the right decision to have Orion’s wedding here at the house. There is nothing as special as watching your little boy grow up into a man, and then marry the woman he loves. And it was such a blessing that we could have the whole family over for the wedding.

Brennen and I made sure that everything we might need was there. Including this beautiful wedding arch.

They shared their vows, and then exchanged rings.

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