1.5 The House

Things have been going really well here, everyone. I wasn’t able to update much with taking care of the baby. We arrived home, Brennen finally calmed down enough to help out.

05-27-15_9-54 PM

Once home from the hospital, I realized just how much work needed to be done to make everything ready for the baby. When not at work, I painted like crazy to earn enough money to be able to actually build. What really helped too, I think was the fact that I work during the day and Brennen works during the nights so there was always someone home to watch little Sirius. And it wasn’t too long, Sirius was still a baby, when I was able to afford some walls and a roof. It’s not much. Just a two room house right now, but it’s a home.

05-27-15_10-15 PM

And yes, you can see right. Because it’s a one room house, Brennen’s microphone to practice for work has been left outside, as has his really weird trash plant. Which, oddly enough he has taken responsibility for and is caring for it. Maybe if he sticks with this green thumb of his I can get him to plant some strawberries or a pear tree. There are enough wild ones around that we wouldn’t have trouble harvesting the seeds. 05-27-15_10-15 PM-2

Like I said before, it’s not much. Just a one room, one bathroom house. I didn’t even have enough money to upgrade the shower to a real one yet. Though, that has more to do with the fact that Brennen needed a guitar in order to move up in his career and we both agreed that he needed it. But like the microphone he’s supposed to keep it outside. Though, I have noticed him wander occasionally into the house with it and I’ve had to send him right back out. While he’s getting better, even good music is hard to listen to if you’re trying to sleep so you can work the next morning. Not all of us are lucky enough to spend the day at home and work at night, you know?05-27-15_10-15 PM-3

I think my next goal is to earn enough money to build a bedroom for Sirius at least. It’s a little awkward when Brennen gets in the mood and Sirius is sleeping right there. I don’t know about you, but I’m just not that kind of girl. Not when he could wake up at any moment and catch us. With working so hard, and caring for Sirius, it really wasn’t long before it was little Sirius’ birthday! We didn’t do too much for this birthday because it fell in the middle of the week, but we promised Sirius that he could have a birthday party for his next birthday, full with a cake and friends and everything, and he was happy about that.

05-27-15_10-24 PM

And I didn’t plan on this being the news I end this post with, but, well, with Sirius being old enough to go to school, I took off of work one day and stayed home with Brennen. And that long day together, well needed since because of our schedule we don’t see each other much except on weekends too, we found out some exciting news! I’m pregnant again! Which means I will need to paint all the faster so I can build a bedroom for our kids. And hopefully one for us too. That way Brennen can practice inside at night, and maybe we can even afford a couch and tv soon.

05-27-15_10-27 PM

Though, I do know that Brennen is planning a special date for us on Saturday, so I won’t be able to paint while we’re out. But time with my husband is well worth it. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of our date and let you know how that goes. Bye for now!


6 thoughts on “1.5 The House

  1. I’m so curious about this mysterious trash plant! Sirius aged up to be such a handsome boy. 🙂 And another baby on the way! Congratulations! 🙂 I’m loving watching this family grow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was kind of surprised myself when I first saw it. It literally grew from a plate that I didn’t clean up for them, and neither seemed to care it was there and after a few days being on the ground, it just sprouted. IT gave off this really obnoxious odor though, that both complained about all the time.


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