2.14 Disruption in the House

Today started off with some wonderful news. Lauryn came into the spare bedroom where I had just helped getting a far to tired brother into bed to make sure I was the first to know.

12-21-15_9-55-39 PM

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2.13 Relaxation and a Baby

Scorpius has been hard at work drawing at his little activity table. Being an artist really does run strong in this family. And while he worked on his art, his mother worked hard on her programming. She’s doing really well, and we’re hoping for a new promotion for her soon. And because most of her job is done at the computer, it means she’s comfy even while pregnant. We made sure the boss got her a chair with enough support for her back that she wishes she could bring it home.

Personally, I’m just glad that they’re taking such good care of her at the office.

12-21-15_9-28-00 PM

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2.12 Corvus Parties It Up

After work one day Lauryn, Corvus, and I were all talking in the kitchen when he got a call on his cell phone. Apparently Sirius was calling him to let him know about a party that was going on out at the ruins in Windenburg. And with not having too much to worry about, Corvus said yes to going and packed up his stuff and headed out. He said to not wait up for him, which we definitely wouldn’t do. Last time Pyxis came home from a party in Windenburg, it was almost time to go to work again.

But hey, if they’re having fun, that’s most of what matters, right?

12-21-15_9-17-29 PM

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2.11 Holiday Start


It’s always weird here this time of year. While most of the world is getting snow and a chill in the air, we here in Willow Creek don’t get any of that. I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to experience snow, that maybe we can take a family vacation somewhere to be able to let the kids play in it. Lauryn said I was only dreaming, that we don’t have enough money to travel far enough to be able to see snow. It’s just too warm here in Willow Creek. And we are right next door to Oasis Springs, which is a thriving desert community, so it’s no wonder that we don’t get snow.

And she does have a good point. You never see snow in the desert. But we can at least decorate like we’ll get snow. So the family spent a good portion of the day decorating the house and making it look festive.

Though, I do have to say I think the snowmen look a little sad on the very lush, green lawn.

12-21-15_8-59-32 PM

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Sim Gallery – 01 Kelith Mason


Kelith Mason was born June Mason, but from a young age she talked to the empty chair across from her at tea parties in her room always said she was actually a fairy that had been swapped with a human and that her parents really named her Kelith. She never listened to her human parents, always disappearing into forests and parks to look for her ‘real’ parents. #RoryAsylum 

Aspiration: Party Animal
Traits: Foodie, Insane, Neat

Found in the Gallery HERE!

Note: Made for RoryPlaysTheSims’s new Asylum Challenge

2.9 Bitty Update


Life has been pretty good with Scorpius. He doesn’t cry or fuss too much. Which has been incredibly nice since I’ve been working long hours at the hospital.

I’ve been trying really hard, and working myself to the bone, to make sure that the uppers notice me so that I can get a promotion. Which, I finally did! I starting on my next shift I can test patients on the treadmill, and even diagnosis my own patients. Gone are the days that I had to wait around and hope an on call doctor came in so I could transfer cases. No. Now I can read my own test results, and figure out what’s wrong with my patients all on my own.

11-22-15_9-17-59 AM

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