1.10 A Tiny Vacation

Now that Orion is grown up a little and capable of taking care of himself, I’ve been focusing a little more on hopefully ensuring myself a daughter. I just want a little girl that I can play dolls with and hopefully share my artistic passions with. Orion is seeming to take an interest in art too, but he and Sirius are both enjoying watching his father play the guitar, and practice on their violin more than either one do anything artistic.

In order to help ensure a baby girl, I’ve been harvesting and eating the wild strawberries that grow around the estate. I’ve been eating them so much that Brennen says I am starting to smell like strawberries. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

06-12-15_8-49 PM


Though, I’m also eating other things, mainly like grabbing a plate after I’ve made breakfast or dinner for the three boys. Sirius and Orion are eating like crazy, but this baby has me eating even more than they are. I feel like I’m hungry all the time. Brennen keeps joking that it could be a sign that I’m going to have twins, but part of me hopes not. We barely have the room for one new addition, let alone two. Though, we always make it work to give the kids what they need so even if I do have twins, we’d make it work, and make it work happily.

06-12-15_8-50 PM

After getting something in my stomach, I saw the mailman just leaving out of the driveway, so I stopped out at the mailbox. Or well, okay, I just took my breakfast with me while I checked the mail. Bills, naturally. That seems to be the only thing that comes in the mail these days, not including the new take out menus from the Chinese places in town. The bills totaled $810, but with the extra painting that I’ve been doing it didn’t hurt as much as the first set of bills Brennen and I received.  After paying those, I headed inside.

06-12-15_8-51 PM

Sirius let me know that the toilet was broken, and instead of waking Brennen, because he had to head to work soon, I worked on repairing it myself. I feel like I did a really good job, if I do say so myself. And while I fixed it, Sirius was kind enough to mop up the mess that it had made while I was fixing it.

06-12-15_8-53 PM

After a long talk with Brennen, and taking a serious look at what I brought in with my job verses what I brought in with my freelance painting, the two of us decided that it would be far better to just quite my job and work freelance full time. I bring in three times the money selling one painting verses working from 9am to 5pm. This way, I can spend more time with my sons, and I can relax a little. Brennen and I want a large family, and I need to be home if I’m ever going to accomplish that fully. He keeps joking that we can maybe stop at ten. I told him he’s not allowed to be an old man until that then, and he just kisses me and chuckles.

06-12-15_8-54 PM

With Brennen having a couple days off, I kissed him on the cheek and told him I needed a day to myself. There’s this campground not too far from the house and while it’s not like a spa day, it was nice to get out and have a little time to take in all the amazing sites that the world has to offer. Everything was so green, and the air was so crisp and fresh when I arrived. No one was out, and it felt like i had the whole place to myself, though I know they were probably still just in their beds in the cabins around the property.

06-12-15_8-56 PM

There were some interesting plants laying around the forest, and I couldn’t help but pick some of them so I could bring them home and identify them using the herb book I have at home. You never know when I might find a plant that will help with the morning sickness later on down the road, though with this baby I haven’t been feeling too sick, which has been kind of nice. I felt like I was sick all the time with Sirius.

06-12-15_9-01 PM


There were also some butterflies, and I thought the boys might like to see them so I tried to capture a couple to bring home with me. They were a little tricky, but I was able to catch a couple, though most of them flew away before I had time. Who knew that trying to catch a butterfly would brighten my day and make me feel a little more like a kid again. Not as much as if I wasn’t pregnant, I’m sure. Having this baby bump makes sure I always remember that I’m an adult and a mom.

06-12-15_9-02 PM-2

It was starting to get a little late, so I decided to roast a hot dog. One of the people staying in the cabins came over to chit chat. He was nice, though we didn’t really have anything in common. And before I was done, he wandered away back with his buddies he had come with.

06-12-15_9-05 PM

That was really fine with me because, while originally I’d been scared of the bear I’d seen around she was actually quite nice. I wasn’t that scared after getting to know her, and truthfully I’m not sure why people are so scared of bears now – at least, if they’re all this kind and funny.

06-12-15_9-06 PM

After I’d finished talking to the bear, I cleaned up my plate and headed back to collect a few more mysterious plants for identifying once I was home.

06-12-15_9-08 PM

I didn’t stay there over night, because I just don’t know how the cabin beds would fair with my back in such a temperamental state. Brennen and the boys were being good, getting ready for bed. I got kisses from each of my boys before I bee lined it to bed. All that fresh air was actually kind of exhausting.

06-12-15_9-11 PM

But even coming home so tired, I had a fantastic day. I feel even more rejuvenated than before, and ready to have this little baby. The faster to be able to meet him or her, hopefully her, the better in my book now! Hopefully she’ll come soon!



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