1.9 Orion Ages Up

Saving and scrimping has finally paid off. We were able to afford a study room. We’ve moved Brennen’s instruments into it, which means that he can rock out to his heart’s content and he won’t disrupt any television watching or anyone napping on the couch. And he likes having a little room for it, he mentioned something about the acoustics of the room are perfect for his sound and practicing.

06-07-15_11-07 PM

Sirius and I ate dinner that night on the couch, having a nice chat before he was put to bed, but Brennen decided to bond with the new room and eat at the desk we put in there. I’m not so sure what was important that he had to eat in there when there was plenty of room next to me on the couch, but I wasn’t going to argue either. Maybe he’s contemplating a redesign already, even though we just had the room built. Or maybe he’s trying to figure out of all his little figurines will fit somewhere in this room, since right now they’re just sitting on the edge of our property so Sirius doesn’t play with them. The world may never know.

06-07-15_11-07 PM-2

We tried to put Sirius to bed before we started our work, but he refused to sleep. It was about then I found out he hadn’t done his homework yet, so I sent him to do his homework while I painted and Brennen practiced his guitar skills. All the better to hopefully step up in both our careers. I don’t think Brennen has received a promotion since we were married, though with him watching the kids while I’m at work I can’t really blame his lack of focus either. And as I write this, I realize that we should probably move his microphone into the study room as well. That way he can practice a little more on that as well, and hopefully it won’t take terribly long for both of us to advance.

06-07-15_11-09 PM

Just as Sirius was laying down for a nap, Orion started to cry. I rushed right over to make sure he was alright and well taken care of. And while I was able to get Orion back to sleep after being fed, Sirius refused to go back to bed. So I told him he could read while his father and I continued our work in the study. He wasn’t too thrilled about not being able to watch television now that we had one, but I want my boys to be smart before they’re lazy.

06-07-15_11-10 PM

It was a late night for Brennen and I both, I think. But both of us had quite a lot of energy so we both agreed that it really should be put to good use. I know that my boss said there’s not too far up I can go in my painting skills and that she’s fairly impressed in how much I’ve improved over my time at the company. And I know hat Brennen has been working on the guitar and he’s getting really good at it too. I think he’s tried to edge into the violin a little too, but he hasn’t really given it too much practice because he’s so focused on both his comedy and his guitar skills.

Sirius said he was going to work on his school work, since he couldn’t sleep, but I think really he just wanted to listen to his father play for a little while longer. Which, since he was doing a little extra credit, I wasn’t going to argue against and send him right to bed.

06-07-15_11-13 PM

And wouldn’t you know, but I heard another cry from Orion just before Brennen and I were going to turn in for the night. And to my surprise, Orion was now a child. It means that tomorrow Brennen and I need to get him a bed, since he obviously can’t sleep in the crib anymore. For now, since he’s got so much energy from growing up I don’t think we’ll have any problems before he goes to school tomorrow.

06-07-15_11-17 PM

He looks so much like his brother, too. They could be twins right now, if you didn’t know when the two were born.

06-07-15_11-18 PM-2

Tomorrow I’m going to be eating a world of strawberries. I’m really hoping for a girl next time. Brennen loves the boys, obviously, and while I do love my sons and some day I hope that one of them will pick up the mantel of the family, I’d love a little girl to buy cute clothes for, and have tea parties with and all those things.



4 thoughts on “1.9 Orion Ages Up

  1. Wow, the boyos really do look like twins when they are next to each other!

    A lot worse things than eating strawberries, at least strawberries are delicious! I’m sure they’ll be happy with the upcoming nooboo!


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