1.6 A New Addition

I know last time I told you I would come back with my date, but well, the only day off that Brennen and I share since my last promotion was Sunday so we had to wait until then in order to have our date. And in the mean time, we did have some important happenings around the house. For starters, Brennen had a co-worker over while I was at work, who chilled at the house with him. And Sirius brought home a little friend from school.

06-07-15_10-21 PM


I was told that some of their goofing off got a little interesting, but everything was kept pretty playful in the end. I really think that they might end up best friends if he keeps this up, and best friends can become little girlfriends. And seeing him happy would definitely make me happy.

06-07-15_10-22 PM


Brennen was nice enough to make a batch of grilled cheese for the kids, feeding them both dinner before I got home and Sirius’ friend had to go home for the night. It’s too bad that she had to leave almost as soon as I got home from work. It would have been nice to get to know her a little more. But maybe we can have her over for a play date soon enough.


06-07-15_10-22 PM-2


After work, I spent a little time painting. Anything I can do on the side to earn a little extra simolean, well, it helps since we’re still trying to expand our house in order to make everything more comfortable here. And truthfully, painting brings me joy and I love it.

06-07-15_10-26 PM


After Brennen got home from work, he went outside and practiced his craft of telling jokes. He’s hoping for a promotion soon. While he practiced, Sirius and I slept the night away. Both of us were exhausted from long days, and sometimes I’m just not sure where Brennen’s energy comes from but he certainly has it.

06-07-15_10-26 PM-2


I meant to mention that after I sold a couple paintings I did on the side, we were able to build a room for Sirius. We made it big enough for his soon to come brother or sister. Better to have the room when we can afford it than try to build after the baby is born, after all. And after Sirius went into the bathroom to talk to his Dino, and Brennen wanted to take a shower, it was decided that now that Sirius had a room of his own that his Dino could go in there. I think that Brennen made the right decision too, because we’d originally put the big dragon in there because there really wasn’t anywhere else to put him, but with Sirius having his own room, well, he can keep his things in there too. And with all the space, and Sirius following in Brennen’s music loving footsteps, we bought him his own practice violin and a toy box to keep his toys in.

06-07-15_10-30 PM


After work, I tried really hard to work on some paintings in order to earn enough money to make a bedroom for Brennen and I, that maybe we could get out of the main portion of the house and have a little privacy. But I was so beat from work that I just fell asleep on the floor. After I woke up a little, I was able to drag myself to bed and get a proper night’s rest, and finish the painting come morning.

06-07-15_10-35 PM


And while I was exhausted, Sirius was a wonderful little boy and stayed in his room to practice his violin. One day he’ll be an amazing musician, I know it.

06-07-15_10-35 PM-2


The next day at work, I ended up in labor. I stopped home just long enough to grab Brennen and get a friend to watch Sirius and we headed to the hospital. I was hoping, with this being our second child, that Brennen would be a little more helpful than last time. But his sudden onset of panic made me think that my wish was one that would go unanswered.

06-07-15_10-37 PM

Before I was able to check in, I did notice that there wasn’t a doctor around, just a ghost of the doctor that worked at the hospital. I was hoping that this wasn’t really a sign of things to come, that something bad was going to happen. I’d never seen a ghost before, let alone a ghost doctor, but I had more important things on my mind, like the baby that was demanding to come into this world.

06-07-15_10-37 PM-2

It took a little while for the receptionist to get to the desk and check me in. I know it was late, but sometimes I do wonder what emergency staff does in lulls that they can’t already be doing at their desks so when people show up needing help, someone is there to actually help them. Much to my surprise, it was the ghost doctor that delivered my baby. My question is, do they really keep their medical licences after death, or is there like a ghost doctor school they then have to go through to help train them in how to use the equipment now that they can just float through it? The world may never know.

06-07-15_10-38 PM

Brennen was able to welcome little Orion into the world before I could get up and to him. Another boy. And a beautiful one at that. Both of us couldn’t wait to get our new baby home.

06-07-15_10-40 PM

Though, Brennen had to make sure that I knew he still found me attractive after two children before we had left the hospital. All that panic during, and then calm and romantic feelings after. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with my husband except kiss him and smile. He is good to me, and our kids. And I know once Orion is bigger he’ll have his hands full watching them while I’m at work. Maybe one of our next big splurges can be a jungle gym for the kids in or backyard. Give them somewhere to get more exercise and get them out of the house more.

06-07-15_10-40 PM-3


And before I go, I think I forgot to officially show you the boys’ new room. So I snapped a picture of it to show you. Orion has already moved in, and it looks just the picture of cozy right now. I’m sure once Orion is grown up a little the place will be nothing but toys and clothes everywhere. For now, I’m happy it’s clean though.

06-07-15_10-41 PM

Until next time, this is Abigail, signing off.



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