1.47 Fixin’ Up the Place

So Brennen and I have put a lot of money into fixing up the house and making it look beautiful. It helps that with Pyxis being the last of our kids we can save a little more money towards things like this, but Orion and Draco working also helped to fund this little project. They were happy to help too. After all. They live here as well and want the place to be nice for them too.

The first floor got a face lift, and we moved a couple walls around. And I also found a rug sale, so I went a little crazy with it.

10-29-15_9-34-31 AM

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1.46 Last of the Brood

Draco’s been having a hard time at school, though he won’t tell me why. He just comes home every day grumbling and fussing about things. So I took him outside and showed him my yoga mat. With being pregnant, I can’t exactly use it right now, and I told him, if he’s good I’ll get him one of his own after the last of his siblings is born. He begrudgingly agreed to use my pink mat.

Over all though, despite the grumbles about it being pink, he seems to really enjoy doing yoga. And it does seem to really calm him down.

10-16-15_4-10-38 PM

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Author Note 10 – Sirius’ Family

me lone

Hey everyone!

So, I know it’s probably sad news to see Sirius go. But he’s not gone forever. I promise. For starters, as you’ve probably seen by now, he’s still visiting and hanging out around the town. And he even had his kid, a beautiful little girl that the game named Jaqueline.

Sirius download

He and his family have been uploaded to the gallery for download. So you can have Sirius in your town too! Just head over to the gallery and search under #BlackmooreLegacy or the Origin ID: merikat85

And if you do download his family, let me know if you do a blog or a Let’s Play so I can watch or read to see how he does!


1.45 Twins Growing Up

Brennen hasn’t been too happy about going all Silver Foxed. He grumbled all through breakfast about it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him being silver haired. He still looks good to me. Nothing’s too saggy on him, which to me says that he’s definitely not really showing the elder status in anything but his hair.

I’m not sure if that helped to ease his grumblings too much, but it did quiet them down once the kids started to join us for breakfast.

10-16-15_3-37-18 PM

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1.44 Hubby’s an Elder…

Brennen and I both really wanted to spend some time with Leo at the same time, and it made things a little cramped in our room. It was after this, that we moved the boys into the playroom next to our bedroom. It left plenty of space around both cribs to be able to share enjoying our sons when they needed or wanted attention. (That and the writer just thought this picture was kind of hysterical.)

10-16-15_3-16-27 PM

After we both made sure that Leo and Corvus were asleep, we headed out because we heard the doorbell ring. And with it being late, neither of us were expecting company.

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