2.21 Abigail Gets Older

Mom aged up into an elder today. She didn’t want a big party or a lot of noise for it. So we just had a quiet night with some cake for her. And not long after cake she was definitely feeling the effects of being older. She was complaining of a sore back, so Lauryn took her upstairs and drew her a warm bubble bath to be able to rest and relax her.

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2.20 Baby Rose

So, just after dinner, Lauryn turned to me and with a pained face told me she had gone into labor. Without wasting a moment, we sped to the hospital so she could have the baby. She says I panicked again, I don’t think she was right. She can’t prove anything. I think I was a calm, wonderful father waiting to meet his new child.

She just chuckled and shook her head.

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2.19 Upgrading the House

Mom and I decided to discuss some house upgrades while she made popcorn with the new popcorn maker she ordered on the internet. Purple, to match the ice cream makers.

She was super excited to try it out, having heard only good things about it in the reviews she read. It makes four kinds of popcorn: buttered, cheddar, kettle and caramel corn. She decided to make a batch of the cheddar popcorn. And after a long day at work, I do have to admit that it smelled good while popping. We had a nice chat while she waited for it to be ready too. About how to decorate the basement, what we might want to do with the space down there.

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2.18 Promotions!

Today, I knew there was a promotion on the table if I worked hard enough going into the day. So I made sure to try and get plenty of sleep, and I studied some before work, so I could go into work focused and energized about being at the office.

My first patient had these weird tiger strips on her, so I told her we’d get her tested and then I’d get her all healed up.

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2.16 Pyxis Grows Closer

While Lauryn and I worked, Pyxis got a call from Jade, the leader of the Partihause club. Since Scorpius was in school, and Albus was being looked after by Mom, she told him to go ahead and have a good time.

For someone who is still a teen, he’s been getting pretty close to Jade. I think he’s interested in asking her out once he has his birthday. And she seems pretty reseptive to it, if how much she’s been calling him is any indication.

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2.15 A Slow Day

The day started out slow. Sundays are usually slow because we’re all trying to relax, and occasionally wrestling with Scorpious to make sure his homework is done. Lauryn decided she wanted to make Scorpious a delicious meal for dinner. So we ate some of Mom’s leftovers while she made a single serving of that for our son. Part of me isn’t sure why she only made a single serving, but I guess she figured since the rest of us were already eating, that we didn’t need extra left overs in the house.

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