1.8 My Own Bedroom

This update, little journal, won’t be too long. Life with a child and a baby has left us ever busy trying to make sure everything is taken care of. Sirius is pretty independent where he can be, but he’s still our son and I love making and spending time with him. Which is partially why Brennen and I hung out in his room while the builders finalized the master bedroom. It’s a little sparse right now, because we had just enough to build it. They insisted on lengthening the bathroom too, said it would lead to better things in the future. All I think it might lead to is us putting up a wall ourselves and putting in a second bathroom just off our bedroom so we have two in the house. But, yay, Brennen and I finally have our own room. I’m excited to spend our first night in it, not in the kitchen where you can hear the soft hum of the fridge, or god help me if Brennen tries to practice his guitar while I am trying to sleep. I now have a door between me and the instruments. He can practice to his heart’s content.

06-07-15_10-57 PM

We also had enough to buy a couch. It will be nice to not have to sit on our beds in order to eat or just talk anymore. And the couch is perfect for the three of us. I’m hoping to have a kitchen table and chairs before Orion ages into a child so that by the time he needs a place to sit we’ll have somewhere to do so. For now, we’re definitely nice and comfy on our couch.

06-07-15_10-57 PM-2

Sirius also found a television at a garage sale on the way home from school. He called his father while I was at work and together they brought it home. Honestly, I can see why they were selling it. A penguin with a television for its belly. Not exactly my kind of electronic, but well, the price was nothing to sneeze at. And once we have enough to build a playroom for the kids, we’ll probably move the penguin in there and get an adult television in its place. For now, well, we can honestly say we won’t miss the next Game of Thrones episode.

06-07-15_10-57 PM-3

Not that we actually used the television after buying it. I went back to my painting, because the next addition I’d like is a room specifically for working, a study room. One where my easel can go so if we have company it’s not just out in the open, one where Brennen’s instruments can be out of the way, and where after saving a little longer we could potentially even buy a computer. I’ve heard that writing is a good hobby to get into, and that there are all these pen pals I can write to once I have one. It’d be nice to get mail that aren’t bills once in a while.

I think I rambled just a little. Anyway, yes, while we purchased a television, I ended up painting while Brennen sang on the guitar and Sirius watched his father with far more interest. So for now, while we have it, we’re still content to do things off the TV. Though, I had heard from a news report that we had a fire while I was at work, and I’m willing to bet that Brennen set the stove on fire again. So maybe it would be best if he at least sat down and occasionally watched the cooking channel.

06-07-15_10-59 PM

After a long day of painting for me, practicing guitar for Brennen, and doing his homework for Sirius, it was time to finally call it a night. I’m particularly proud of that painting I finished just before bed. And I’ll have to have a talk with Sirius. If we’re going to have this television adding to our electric bill, then he needs to make sure he turns it off before he goes to bed.

06-07-15_11-01 PM

All in all though, the couch makes a nice family spot to gather and enjoy a warm meal that I cooked for my family. Though, yes, a table before too long. It’ll be nice to sit and eat like a normal family. Though, instead of getting the four top maybe I should just save for a six top. We shall see.

06-07-15_11-03 PM Until next time, journal. Abigail.


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