1.29 Little Girl isn’t so Little

It seems like yesterday that I brought Cassiopeia home from the hospital, little and pink and adorable. Not to say she isn’t still adorable. But, well, she’s not so little anymore, and she’s not so dependent on her parents anymore. Her birthday came not too far after Orion’s, and with all the birthdays, and glancing at the calendar, I know that the twins will be following shortly as well. But for today, we all were happy to focus on Cassiopeia’s birthday.

08-16-15_9-48 PM

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1.28 Double Trouble

Today, we had a double dose of happiness. Apparently Draco and Orion both fall on the same date birthday wise. Draco turned into quite the handsome little child. He already has a perchance for hats that his sister Lyra has too. So we celebrated Draco’s birthday.

08-16-15_9-40 PM

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1.27 Ice Cream!

Brennen and I bought something special for the kids. Well, for us too, but for the kids mostly because we think they’ll love it. So in order to make sure it was a surprise I sent them off to do activities that would keep them out of the kitchen. Three of them went outside to play with the pirate ship, while the fourth decided to practice on his violin. I’m not sure where Sirius wandered off too, but I’m sure it’s nothing terrible. So long as this can be a big surprise.

08-16-15_9-18 PM

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1.26 When Mom’s Away…

So, I’ve locked this from Mom, so even if she signs on she won’t be able to read it. But I wasn’t all that happy with her telling me what I could and couldn’t do with my girlfriend. If we wanted to do something, then we should be allowed to do it. So what if we’re young? We’re in love, and was want to express it in the ways we saw fit. And if that didn’t sit well with her, well, we aren’t going to stop, we’ll just have to find our own time to be able to do it.

While mom was collecting some snacks for my siblings, and getting them all together to go to the park, I called Kassandra over to the house because I wanted to spend some time with her. Since mom was extending the olive branch, I was going to take it, at the very least and have her be over more often. It was true, if she was going to be part of the family, and she and I both want her to be, then we needed to let her get better acquainted with the family she’d be joining.

07-26-15_11-14 PM

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1.24 Quiet Day

The days with little Draco have been passing, and things have been relatively uneventful around here. The children are still growing, getting better and more beautiful by the day. As well as more talented in everything they try. Draco has started to fuss some, so it’s kept Brennen from finishing the dining room table. He’s made the suggestion that we slow down a little now that we have six children, at least until some of them are older and can help take care of the younger siblings better. I think I like his plan. So we’ll see how we fare as Draco grows and the rest of our brood slowly inch their way up to teenagers.

Sirius has been gone more and more lately, and I think it’s because he feels that he can’t have Kassandra over or we’ll look down at her or something. Which means that we’ll really need to have a talk with him, try to get him to understand that it wasn’t Kassandra we had a problem with, but what went down in our bed that we were mad about. Personally, I think that it’s just Kassandra embarrassed that we caught them and she doesn’t know how to face us.

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Author Note 03

me lone

Meant to post this yesterday, but I was so tired. So you’ll just get two posts today! The Poll results and a continuation of the story.

The results are in! And Sirius and Orion are the two winners. So when he is old enough, Lynx will move into a house with his sisters.

Heir poll 1

Thank you to everyone that voted!