1.38 New Baby Jive

With the kids in bed, once Brennen was home from work we sat down to a nice, home cooked dinner.

It was a nice, quiet time. Though the quiet wasn’t to last.

09-17-15_10-51 PM

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1.37 Orion Home Sick

Orion stayed up very late into the night the other night. I’m not sure if he thought we wouldn’t hear him at the tv, or if he just didn’t care. But it’s generally very unlikely Brennen and I won’t hear someone downstairs at night considering our bedroom is still just off the kitchen.

Either way, he made sure to really enjoy himself. I’m just glad that he had all his homework done so it wasn’t going to affect his studies too much.

09-17-15_10-20 PM

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Author Note 07 – Results!

me lone

Thanks for voting everyone! It was a resounding YES KEEP THEM ALL! for the boys. So all three boys will be staying in the running for Heir. I won’t be doing an Heir vote until after Abigail has ALL 10 children. I want to make sure there are no more boys before I call for a vote. But take heed. There are only two more children left to have before the vote is called. And my focus is going to be getting Andromeda aged up to a teen so I can move her into Cassiopeia’s house to make room for the final babe.

Also! Because I have enough story to take me through the release of Spooky Stuff, I will be waiting to play until the Stuffs Pack is released so I can do a little more Halloween orientated decoration and storyline! Prepare for awesome costumes in the future!

1.35 Growing Again

The house was starting to feel empty with the Cassiopeia and the twins gone. I new there would be less people around, and everything but I didn’t really know that I’d feel their absence so hard either. I really missed my kids. I know it seems silly to want to have them all live here with us, but sometimes a mother can dream and hope and wish. Can’t she?

A week after they left Brennen pulled me into the bedroom, which he’d made up nice, and put some smooth music on, and seduced me back into bed. During the pillow talk after, he told me it was time we followed our dreams and hearts, and continued our goal of having a large family. He also reminded me that the reason they moved out was to be able to give us more room to have that larger family, to give them more siblings to meet. And that we shouldn’t squander it away, but really embrace the gift our kids were trying to give us.

And honestly, he had a point.

09-01-15_10-37 PM

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