2.26 Beautiful Girls

This is kind of s short and sweet update on the family. Things have been crazy around here, with Scorpius being a teenager, he’s been getting into trouble. He doesn’t really want to go to school anymore, and he’s not doing his homework.

I think this is just his plan to get us to agree to let him stay with his Uncle Corvus. And not to tell him, but it’s kind of working. His mother and I aren’t too happy with his attitude, and if he’ll be better living in another home, we may consent and let him move in with one of my siblings. We’re still discussing it, and I think Corvus still has a full house. But Sirius has a spare bedroom at his place, so I might move him in with his cousin Jaqueline, and his Uncle Sirius and Aunt Kassandra.

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2.25 Two Birthdays for one

Orion came over early this morning. He claimed that he didn’t really have any reason for coming over, just missed his family. And he settled at the computer next to Mom and had a pretty lengthy conversation with her while the kids were at school and I spent my time working on my garden some and went about harvesting all the plants were available near the house.

So Mom was able to spend a good amount of time with him while I was collecting everything.

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2.22 Scorpius Goes Out

Abigail hasn’t let her age stop her from working on books. She’s actually been more dedicated to trying to finish her writing aspiration, being on the computer as much as she’s able to be, between taking care of her needs. The best sellers that she needs to produce to complete it though, have been eluding her. So far, none of her books have hit best seller status. Sometimes she gets frustrated, but in the end she just settles back down and focuses on writing more.

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Author Note 16 – New Story

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Hello Everyone!

The Disney Bachelor Challenge is underway, so I wanted to let people know where to find that. Because this blog’s url and set up is specifically for the Blackmoore Legacy, I don’t want to try and split it with a second challenge, so the Disney Bachelor Challenge will have its own blog for people to follow and keep up with what’s going on in the house.

The Challenge will be posted HERE!

And while this blog has an update schedule of every Tuesday and Thursday, the Disney Bachelor Challenge will have a schedule of new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The first post is up now! So what are you doing! Bounce over and read it!