New Year! New Start!

Hi everyone!

So, most of you have probably noticed that my story kind of came to a crashing halt in July and I haven’t touched it since. Unfortunately, I ended up very uninspired and just didn’t have it in me to try and continue. But that was 2016.

With Toddlers hitting the game, of which I wasn’t originally a fan, it’s sparked my interest in the Legacy challenge again, and my interest in Toddlers because as much as I originally didn’t care about them I’ve finding them much too cute and adorable. Adorable enough to inspire me to try my Legacy Challenge again.

New Year. New Start. New BLOG!

Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m moving the new start over to a new blog. You might be scratching your head and asking why. I get that. Truthfully, part of the why is because while I didn’t continue this challenge – I mean we only made it to generation 2 – I don’t want to erase what I had either or confuse it with the new start. This is a story, and it deserves its own space, even if it’s sadly incomplete.

My new start is using the same founder. Abigail Blackmoore is back for a fresh start at life, but we’re starting her off on the Extreme Start version over in Windenburg! I will not be using the same themes for names, nor will I be pushing or trying to follow the first story. The only things staying the same are the Founder and her backstory.

She and I both hope that you’ll join us over at the new BLOG! Did you catch that? NEW BLOG! Make sure to wander on over and follow so you know when new chapters are posted! (Every Tuesday and Thursday)

In case you missed it? Chapters are posted on the NEW BLOG!

See you there!