New Year! New Start!

Hi everyone!

So, most of you have probably noticed that my story kind of came to a crashing halt in July and I haven’t touched it since. Unfortunately, I ended up very uninspired and just didn’t have it in me to try and continue. But that was 2016.

With Toddlers hitting the game, of which I wasn’t originally a fan, it’s sparked my interest in the Legacy challenge again, and my interest in Toddlers because as much as I originally didn’t care about them I’ve finding them much too cute and adorable. Adorable enough to inspire me to try my Legacy Challenge again.

New Year. New Start. New BLOG!

Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m moving the new start over to a new blog. You might be scratching your head and asking why. I get that. Truthfully, part of the why is because while I didn’t continue this challenge – I mean we only made it to generation 2 – I don’t want to erase what I had either or confuse it with the new start. This is a story, and it deserves its own space, even if it’s sadly incomplete.

My new start is using the same founder. Abigail Blackmoore is back for a fresh start at life, but we’re starting her off on the Extreme Start version over in Windenburg! I will not be using the same themes for names, nor will I be pushing or trying to follow the first story. The only things staying the same are the Founder and her backstory.

She and I both hope that you’ll join us over at the new BLOG! Did you catch that? NEW BLOG! Make sure to wander on over and follow so you know when new chapters are posted! (Every Tuesday and Thursday)

In case you missed it? Chapters are posted on the NEW BLOG!

See you there!



2.42 – It Came from Under the Bed

Lauryn ended up in a cooking mood and decided to make dinner while the kids were getting home from school. She really is a wiz in the kitchen when I watch her cook. If I tried half the tricks she’s able to accomplish, I’d end up with most of the stuff on the ground instead of on the food, or on a plate.

06-22-16_5-53-11 PM

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2.40 – Big Sister Duties

Today, Rose decided to do something nice for her siblings, and for the family as a whole really. She made a delicious fruit salad for us all. She’s really gotten into cooking recently, as well as taking pictures of the food she or her mother make. We’re starting to sprout food photos around the house, which has been interesting.

06-22-16_5-17-39 PM

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2.39 – Rose’s Date

I’m taking over the blog from dad for today. He keeps wanting to know my new friend’s name, well, I’ll give it to you lot first. His name is Zane. He moved here with his parents and siblings. He didn’t want to really move, but as most cases go the kids don’t really get a choice.

He and I had become fairly fast friends. Well, he and his family and I did. But there was just this special spark between Zane and I and I jumped at the chance to follow it. So when he asked me on a date, I couldn’t be happier.

06-07-16_4-58-32 PM

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2.38 – A New Beginning

So, I think Rose has found someone she likes. Not just friends, but really likes. From what I was about to pick up from the snippits that she’ll tell her mother and I, he’s part of the new group that just moved to town. She spent a good deal of time on the computer chatting with him after she got home from school.

06-07-16_4-31-33 PM

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2.37 – Family Night Out

Today after school, Lily and Ginny came home from school and told Lauryn and I that they were moving out. When I asked where, they said their Uncle had agreed to let them move into one of his houses. They said they were going to work out rent with him, but they pretty much packed their bags, kissed our cheeks, and headed off.

Rose told me that she met some new transfer kids today. They invited her back to their house for a little while, but over all, I told her that she couldn’t stay too long because her mother and I had dinner plans and we wanted to go as a family.  So she made sure to make the best of spending some time with her new friends.

05-29-16_8-48-21 PM

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