1.4 Whirlwind Romance

So I was going about the rest of my week, and there hadn’t been too much to report on, but then I received my third promotion. So to celebrate, I was able to buy a stove and some counter space.

05-27-15_8-58 PM

You have no idea how happy I was to be able to finally have a stove. No more cereal for dinner for me after a long day of work. Oh no. I get something hot. In order to celebrate my accomplishment, I cooked my very first grilled cheese on my brand new stove. Or well, brand new for me. I found it for cheap at a garage sale, so it was used to start with. But I don’t mind. It works, it’s clean, and I have grilled cheese!

05-27-15_8-59 PM

mmm So good for my first hot meal. The next day was Saturday, and I have weekends off so I figured that I would invite Brennen over to get to know him a little better.  He was so delighted to come over and hang out with me, that he arrived quickly. We spent the whole day together. Talking about shared interests and joking around.

05-27-15_9-06 PM

I took a bold move after we had spend well past lunch talking, and decided to kiss him.

05-27-15_9-07 PM

He was receptive enough that he asked me into bed and without any hesitation I said yes. He’s quite the animal in bed too.

05-27-15_9-08 PM

After I was so energized that I had to just kiss him again right next to the bed.

05-27-15_9-09 PM

Though, afterwards I was feeling a little nauseous. I hadn’t been aware that the new pregnancy tests could tell you right off the bat if you are pregnant or not after a spell in bed, but apparently they could. And I was pregnant right off the bat. I told Brennen right away and he was so excited about the news!

05-27-15_9-10 PM

After some celebrating, with the sun starting to set on our wonderful day, I asked Brennen to marry me. I didn’t want to be one of those unmarried mothers, and Brennen and I were getting along so well that I just took the plunge. And he said yes! It was amazing!

05-27-15_9-13 PM

Since neither of us had family in the area, and we don’t know all that many people or too many places around town, we decided to just elope.

05-27-15_9-19 PM

Having the small, private little ceremony was perfect for us, I think. Neither of us are fussy when it comes to big, elaborate parties. We love each other, and I think that’s what really counts. And so does he.

05-27-15_9-19 PM-2

After we had a good night’s sleep, Brennen took me out on a proper date to celebrate our marriage. It was such a beautiful day that we ended up in the park where he dipped me into a passionate kiss. He sure does know how to take my breath away.

05-27-15_9-25 PM

After the date though, with a baby on the way, it was right back to painting like crazy so that I could earn enough to make a house before our little one came. Work is never done, really, but at least I really enjoy painting so I can do a lot of them throughout the day.

05-27-15_9-31 PM

While I was working, Brennen found that a trash plant had sprouted right next to our bed. He claims he doesn’t know how it sprouted, but since it’s on his side of the bed I can almost guarantee you that it was because he left his plate on the ground and it just started growing. I told him that he’ll have to take care of it from now on, since he helped to spawn it.

05-27-15_9-46 PM

Before I could get much done on having a construction crew over to build us at least a small house, something I had been dreading happened. Our bills came. They were a little less than what I had expected them to be, at 465 simoleans, but still that was half of what I had saved up in the hopes of making the house our baby could be raised in.

05-27-15_9-47 PM

And before I could really do any more painting, just before I was headed home from work, I went into labor. I was able to make it home and Brennen drove me to the hospital. Luckily he was able to hold in the panic until after we parked the car, but then he just went a little crazy, mumbling to himself and holding his face. I’m not entirely sure why he was so freaked out when I was the one that had to give birth.

05-27-15_9-50 PM

The doctors put me in this weird machine and I swear that at one point I saw it pull out a heart, though the doctors assure me that it was just a hallucination from the pain meds they put me on. I’m not so sure I believe them, and I’d ask Brennen, but I’m not sure he will remember much of anything in his panicked state. He didn’t even remember the camera to catch any of the action.

05-27-15_9-51 PM-2

Luckily a nurse had a camera on hand and was able to snap a photo of me with my new baby boy, we named him Sirius after the star. I might just keep that a theme for any children Brennen and I might have in the future, name them all after stars or constellations.

05-27-15_9-53 PM-2

Well, that’s all for me for now. I’m going to take this little bundle of joy home and get a little sleep before working very hard to raise the money to get a roof over his head.



5 thoughts on “1.4 Whirlwind Romance

  1. What a wonderful chapter for Abigail! A new love, marriage, a baby…! And Brennen is super cute! I love the idea of naming babies after constellations. Sirius is beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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