2.16 Pyxis Grows Closer

While Lauryn and I worked, Pyxis got a call from Jade, the leader of the Partihause club. Since Scorpius was in school, and Albus was being looked after by Mom, she told him to go ahead and have a good time.

For someone who is still a teen, he’s been getting pretty close to Jade. I think he’s interested in asking her out once he has his birthday. And she seems pretty reseptive to it, if how much she’s been calling him is any indication.

01-03-16_9-40-31 PM

He seems really happy about it too. And, truthfully, I think they’d make a really cute couple. I think, if he really keeps with liking her that they have a serious future. Though, that depends on if she’ll still be interested in him after his birthday. But that’s neither here nor there right now.

Right now, it’s just important that they spend time together, and enjoy it.

01-03-16_9-41-29 PM

And I think they really enjoyed their time together, because they ended up spending all day together out in Oasis Springs. He got home just in time for dinner, and he couldn’t stop talking about Jade. It’s kind of really cute, and Lauryn told him that he should invite Jade over for dinner later too.

01-03-16_9-41-42 PM
Pyxis blushed a little at the suggestion, which means I think we will end up having her over soon. It’d be nice for her to meet the rest of the family. Days together usually mean a lot around here.


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