2.17 Albus Ages Up!

The day started out fairly quiet over all. Kids at school, Lauryn having a day off from work. She made herself some breakfast in the quiet of the house. And made a note, that she made sure to text me while I was at work, that the Christmas tree needed to be taken down soon. With it being January, there was no reason to keep it up.

01-03-16_9-34-43 PM

Of course, I told her I would take it down as soon as I got home, not to worry. Or at least, once Pyxis was home as well to help with it. With as tall as it is, it’s kind of a two man job. But one I don’t want Lauryn or Mom worrying about.

01-03-16_9-36-05 PM

After school Scorpius hung out on the balcony and danced to some tunes. He’s started to really love the music. And honestly, I think I rather like the idea of him dancing to music rather than watching television or playing on the computer. That his hobbies and interests lay more in doing active endeavors and activities. I think he was also excited because he knew that today was Albus’ birthday, and we’d be celebrating it soon.

01-03-16_9-37-46 PM

Mom made dinner for everyone once we were all home. After dinner she started cleaning the kitchen. I think I need to talk to Scorpius about doing a little more around the house, so Mom isn’t left doing everything. There’s no reason that he can’t start helping to keep the house clean where he can. Like cleaning up dirty dishes.

01-03-16_9-50-33 PM

And then it was time to celebrate our son’s birthday! Albus grew up into a handsome young man. I’m hoping we can add a new babe to the family soon, but that’s more on Lauryn and when the babe is ready to come. Soon, I hope. Both boys seem excited to have a new brother or sister.

01-03-16_9-52-22 PM

After the celebration, and once the kids were in bed, Lauryn and Mom both went to work on their jobs. Mom is working on another book, in the hopes that it will become a best seller, and Lauryn is working on her programming, so she can impress her bosses at work.

01-03-16_9-56-55 PM


Though, just before Lauryn could finish her work, the computer went on the fritz and she asked me to come over and fix it. So I, of course, did fix it. Though, We’re both making enough that I might invest in a new computer for her. Maybe move this one to the kid’s room so they can play on it.

01-03-16_9-58-08 PM

We shall see. Right now, I’m more concentrated on watching Lauryn and our baby and being ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital.


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