2.15 A Slow Day

The day started out slow. Sundays are usually slow because we’re all trying to relax, and occasionally wrestling with Scorpious to make sure his homework is done. Lauryn decided she wanted to make Scorpious a delicious meal for dinner. So we ate some of Mom’s leftovers while she made a single serving of that for our son. Part of me isn’t sure why she only made a single serving, but I guess she figured since the rest of us were already eating, that we didn’t need extra left overs in the house.

01-03-16_9-25-05 PM

Scorpious was so happy with his dinner, that he made sure to carry it everywhere he went while talking to Lauryn and his grandmother. Though, I think we’re going to have to see about enforcing eating at tables. He set his finished plate down in the study and just waltzed off to bed, which his mother and I weren’t exactly happy about. Though, with her hard at work on her programming assignment for the night, I cleaned it up.

01-03-16_9-28-10 PM

Speaking of programming, she’s been very busy using the computer to up her skills. We’re both hoping that she gets a promotion soon, and moves up in her job. I know answering tech questions isn’t exactly her passion, but we all have to start somewhere. Meanwhile, I’ve been talking to her about using some of our funds to buy an analytic machine, so I can practice on reading patient samples better. She asked me what I could possible practice on, and I told her about the metals that our son and my brother have been going out and collecting, that instead of just selling them on SimList to willing buyers, I can use them to grow my skill. She does seem to like that my samples will come straight out of our own backyard, so to speak, so hopefully soon I can talk her into that.

I even told her there’s this nifty little stand so once I analyze the different metals and get elements, I can put them in a display, and show her all the elements I discover. And that did make her smile. We both think having collections to pass down to our kids and grandkids is a wonderful idea.

01-03-16_9-29-24 PM

While she worked, Pyxis and I, along with Scorpious after he woke up for a little while, decided to utilize the stereo out on the second floor patio and decided to up our dance skills. We had our own personal dance party. Which was a lot of fun. Scorpious mentioned he’d love to be able to get a DJ booth for when he’s older. I told him, if he wishes hard, maybe we’ll get one for his birthday. Not that I’ve floated this option past his mother just yet. But I know we were looking to turn the basement into a fun dance and hangout space anyway. So setting up a DJ booth instead of a stereo would be a lot better for everyone.

01-03-16_9-30-13 PM

Lauryn said, while she was spending time at the computer, that she started to get red and splotchy. But since she has medical training, and was higher up in the career than I am now, was able to diagnose herself and order medicine. She ordered a couple bottles of the medicine, so that if someone else gets sick before she’s fully over her sickness, we can cure them too. But she did make sure to take the medicine right away and not risk it more than she has to.

01-03-16_9-32-00 PM

Albus is still sleeping most of the day, though I’m excited for his birthday soon. I know his brother is looking forward to the day he can play more with his baby brother.

01-03-16_9-34-22 PM

That will be soon, hopefully. His birthday is coming up very fast. And soon after Albus’ birthday, we will hopefully welcome a new baby into this world. I’m still hoping for girl this time, and I know Lauryn would love a daughter she can bond a little more closely with. But for now, we can hope, and wish for what the future might grant us.


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