2.5 Wedding Bliss

I feel like this day was a long time in the making. And took forever for us to get here. But Lauryn and I finally did get here. We made all the plans with mom, and like Orion’s wedding she insisted on having it here. Unfortunately, with dad dying and me taking over as heir, we really never got the chance to move the wedding arch or anything, so everything was set up where it had been. Just waiting for the next wedding.

And that wedding was mine.

Lauryn was looking beautiful in her dress. She went for a non-traditional color because of being pregnant. Apparently some things stuck when she’d spent the night at my place after our engagement.

11-12-15_8-37-01 PM

And once again, the whole family gathered together for the happy occasion. And everyone dressed up in their wedding best. It was amazing to be able to see everyone and catch up again. I think right now that our family only gets all together for weddings, which is a little sad. Lauryn and I might have to change that. Maybe have a party after our first child is born. Bring the family in to meet the start of the next generation.

Mom and the rest of the family really liked the idea when I mentioned it to them. So it looks like it’s already a plan to set into motion. And soon, if I’m judging by Lauryn’s belly.

11-12-15_8-38-06 PM

If I have my say, I will say everything went perfectly.

She looked beautiful, the arch in the moonlight was beautiful. And I hand wrote my vows for her so they were true to me and my relationship with Lauryn.

11-12-15_8-38-55 PM

Even her vows were beautiful, and hand written to express her deepest emotions.

11-12-15_8-39-10 PM

And sealed with a kiss. True love at its finest, I say.

11-12-15_8-39-25 PM

Once the ceremony was over, we all moved into the house for cake and a little dinner.

Cake first though, so we could have people settle at the dinner table as well. No one wants to stand for all of dinner, and Pyxis wanted his cake before his dinner. Which, considering everything, we were happy to give him. Special occasion and all.

11-12-15_8-40-14 PM

Then it was just a great night of talking with family, eating dinner and cake, and making sure that we made plans for later so we knew we would all get together before we got too old. It’s not like Sirius is getting any younger, after all.

11-12-15_8-41-13 PM

It was late when Lauryn and I finally got upstairs to bed and changed out of our fancy clothes. And after all night in a tux, it was really great to be in some pajamas. Let me tell you. And maybe it’s just the newly married part of me, but Lauryn looked just as good in her pajamas as she did in her dress. The two of us were exhausted because of having the wedding at home, so we agreed to just take the next couple of days off and use those as our honeymoon.

11-12-15_8-45-57 PM

It’s probably a good thing, because I couldn’t even get into bed before I crashed out.

11-12-15_8-46-09 PM

I woke up a few minutes later and was able to just crawl into bed carefully next to my new wife. It felt perfect for our first night, and I slept like a baby. Something I’m not sure I’ll be able to do soon, with a new baby.

Lauryn and I are still trying to decide on what to name our coming baby. Mom named us all after constellations, and I think it has been a fabulous and wonderful collection of names for the family tree. Both of us really loved the Harry Potter series growing up and are thinking of choosing names from the book. We’ll see if she sticks to it when it’s actually time to name our child at the hospital. Hopefully she will, because I think it’s an awesome idea over all.


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