2.6 Needed Updates

So, while Lauryn gets settled into the house, we worked on a few updates. Because there are two of us working and Mom’s royalties coming in every day we had some spare cash to spend a little on some updates around the house too. First of all, we fixed up the wedding arch area, and party area. Leo suggested putting a small bathroom house out by the party area as well so people won’t have to walk from the back corner of the lot to the house. I’m not sure if I really like that idea, so we’ll see. I mean, he does have a point. Maybe we can figure out an underground way to do the bathrooms. I think that would be kind of cool, have a whole underground system of rooms and fun things under the land we all use.

Over all, though, I think the party area looks nice. We have tables and chairs out there now, as well as the bar, and some new lights t make sure when we have parties late at night we aren’t just in the dark.

11-22-15_8-10-40 AM

It also didn’t feel right to just have Dad’s tombstone sitting all by itself like we didn’t care. God knows mom keeps slipping out there to mourn him when we’re not looking. So I decided to make it look nice. I’m sure future generations will have to expand it, make it bigger to fit tombstones as the generations progress, but for now I think I did a fairly decent job.

As you can see, I made sure to get a beautiful tree, and there’s a bench under it so people can sit and just mourn as they need to.

11-22-15_8-10-43 AM

As well, with Corvus wanting to be a writer like mom is now, we invested in a second computer. Lauryn’s giving me eyes, because she wants a third one, as she wants to focus on programming and modding games, but right now I want to wait until we have a little more money. She nodded and agreed to wait, since she tends to be awake after Corvus has gone to bed, so she can do other things until he wanders off to bed.

11-22-15_8-18-05 AM

After she finished a new book, Mom decided to make a gourmet cheesecake. Watching her work in the kitchen is quite amazing, really. She has such skill and just loves being able to cook for her family that it’s wonderful.

And I love that she and Lauryn have that in common. As Lauryn is a foodie and loves to cook as well.

11-22-15_8-21-40 AM

My beautiful wife is such a foodie that she had to take a picture of the cheesecake before she ate it. She said that it was going to go on her Instagram account, that she had quite a few people that loved following what she was eating, when. And she couldn’t disappoint her followers.

11-22-15_8-23-19 AM

I think, over all, that it’s adorable that she does that. She gets so much joy showing people what delicious things she’s eating. Family wise, the house has been pretty steady. The boys are going to school, coming home, and working on their dreams. Leo with his painting and Corvus with his writing. I know sooner or later they’ll be finding girlfriends and moving out on their own as well. But for now it’s nice to have them in the house.


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