2.4 Birthday Joy


Day two on my new job. Treating patients has been an exhilarating experience. It’s still stumping me when I analyze their samples, but the other doctors on call say that soon enough I’ll have a better grasp of it and be able to diagnose my own patients. I’m getting there. Slowly. And I can’t wait until I can treat the patients all by myself, from exam to meds. That will be an exciting day. One of the doctors even suggested I buy an analyzer for home use, and run like metals and minerals through it as practice, give me more experience for work on the machine over all.

And I think I might look into that. I think it’d be fun to work on some of these things at home.

11-12-15_8-12-37 PM

When I went to check on the new patients coming in, I was surprised to see Kassandra and Jaqueline being checked into the hospital. Both were presenting with weird symptoms. Being my family, I made sure to be the one to check them out.

11-12-15_8-13-56 PM

I wanted to make sure that my family got the best care. Nothing is too good for my sister-in-law and niece.

First I made sure that Kassandra was settled and examined. I analyzed her samples, entered them into a computer, and then transferred her case to the doctor so he could finish diagnosing her.

11-12-15_8-17-49 PM

While the doctor talked to Kassandra, I examined Jaqueline. After swabbing for her samples I analyzed them and transferred her case to the doctor as well. By the time he was stepping in to look at Jaqueline, Kassandra was ready to be given her meds.

I was able to treat Jaqueline just before the end of my shift. I love that I was able to not only help people, but my own family.

11-15-15_2-07-48 PM

I got home just in time to watch Mom pull a birthday cake out of the oven. With heading to work first thing this morning, I almost forgot that it was the twins birthday. Luckily mom was all over it.

11-12-15_8-20-42 PM

We gathered the boys and sang to them before lighting the candles.

11-12-15_8-21-11 PM

First up, was Leo.

11-12-15_8-21-13 PM

Leo’s rebel streak and artistic side came out a little more in the style he chose.

11-12-15_8-23-54 PM

Corvus blew out his candles next. And he looks a lot more like the conservative twin now.

11-12-15_8-24-36 PM

Pyxis was a little bummed that it wasn’t his birthday yet. But I told him not to worry. His birthday would be soon, and then he could join his brothers in the land of being a teenager. He seemed to take that pretty well over all and looks forward to his birthday. I think ti’s also because he doesn’t want to be the only kid around the house, which at the moment he is.


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