2.1 Getting the Hang of Adulting

Hey everyone. So, Mom won’t be able to continue these little entries. I know she was looking to pass this tradition onto me soon, we just didn’t expect for it to happen this soon. Unfortunately, while she was work on on a book the other night she heard Dad fall in the bedroom. She raced in there to see him dying next to the bed. I can’t imagine how hard it had to be to have to watch that happen.

11-07-15_7-15-09 AM

I know she tried to plead with Death to let him live, to give us all a little more time with him. I mean, my brothers are still kids right now. And it’s going to be hard on Mom to lose Dad. But Death wouldn’t budge. He told her that Dad had had a long, happy life, and that it was his time. And giving him more time would be unfair to everyone else in the world. So he wouldn’t budge on taking Dad.

11-07-15_7-15-45 AM

He was kind enough to make quick work of taking Dad’s soul though, and leaving her with an urn.

11-07-15_7-16-11 AM

He was even kind enough to sit with her and talk to her some, to listen to her woes and even give her a little advice on dealing with her grief.

11-07-15_7-17-16 AM

After Death left though, she curled up in bed and wouldn’t come out. It’s heart sickening to listen to her cry in her room, but I’m not sure there’s much that can be done right now, except to let her grieve how she needs to.

I made sure to get my brothers some cereal and march them off to school before I changed and got ready for my first day of work – did I mention that I’m starting at the hospital?

It was hard to leave mom at home, but I was hoping a quiet house would let her deal with everything better, since she wasn’t coming out of her room anyway.

11-07-15_7-18-41 AM

I arrived at the hospital just a little before my shift started. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the day, and make a good impression on my co-workers and boss. Plus, it gave me a little time to get a lay of the place.

I found it really strange that the doctor on call here is dead, and a ghost, but everyone else seemed to think it was normal so I just kind of went with it.

11-07-15_7-21-37 AM

They had me do a couple small jobs, like mop up the water in the bathroom first, but then it was straight to taking swabs and marking things down in charts after seeing patients. I found it really exciting that they let me jump right into helping out with the patients.

11-07-15_7-22-10 AM

I was even able to work on the analyzer machine, running the swab samples I got from patients. Of course, because I’m not a doctor yet, I still have to transfer the case to the on call doctor once I have all the findings. But he’s helping me to learn what everything means so soon enough I can hopefully diagnose my own patients.

11-07-15_7-23-20 AM

It was a long day of seeing patients. Just testing, analyzing, and then transferring the cases over to the doctor so he could diagnose them all. But I feel very happy to be helping out here at the hospital. It’s nice to be able to help people.

11-07-15_7-24-26 AM

And once the doctor had diagnosed the patients, he let me give them the treatments. So I was able to help cure them as well. Which felt amazing.

11-07-15_7-28-57 AM

After my shift ended, Leo texted me that they were staying late at school. I checked in on mom, made sure she got something to eat, and then because I was in desperate need of some fun, decided to go out.

11-07-15_7-30-17 AM

I headed to the bar that’s in town. Figured I’d just get a drink, do a little dancing, and then head back home. I was surprised to see Sirius there.

11-07-15_7-31-10 AM

We sat with a girl named Hayley at the bar and talked. Apparently Sirius comes here occasionally to grab a drink after work before heading home. Just something to celebrate a good day at work. I thought that it was kind of cool that we had the same idea.

11-07-15_7-31-38 AM

Soon enough though, Sirius headed out to get home and left me alone with Hayley. She’s an interesting girl and I think the two of us really hit it off.

11-07-15_7-32-57 AM

I was even able to get a picture with her before I headed home myself. She gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted to hang out again. I think it’s kind of nice to have someone my own age to hang out with, so I will definitely be calling her in a day or two.

11-07-15_7-34-58 AM

After that, I said goodnight to her and headed home. I made sure to get my brothers some dinner and get them all tucked into bed. I checked in on Mom, but she was sleeping so I made sure to not disturb her.

Heading upstairs, I took a soak from the long day on my feet.

11-07-15_7-38-54 AM

Over all, I think my first day as an adult went as well as it could have gone. It’s hard, not having Dad around when I come home, but I want to make sure Mom gets over her grief soon. His death has made the house heavy, but With taking care of my brothers and mom, it’s kept me busy enough to not fret over it too much, or become too down. Time, they say. So my family will take that time.


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