2.2 New Loves

The day started off pretty slow. With it being my day off, I wasn’t really too motivated to get up very early in order to get moving when I had no where to go. So I stayed in bed until I heard the soft strumming of dad’s guitar. Getting out of bed, I took a quick shower and then headed downstairs to see if maybe one of my brothers had gotten into the music room too early.

No, it was mom. She’s not very good, because she hasn’t played before, but I get why she wanted to try it. It was dad’s after all.

11-12-15_7-25-30 PM

While she idly strummed the instrument, I went into the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone. I figured it’d be a nice way for my brothers to start their day, I also figured that it would be good for mom to get a little something to eat. She took her plate to bed though, after she gave up on the guitar. I hate seeing her this way, though I’m still not entirely sure what to do.

11-12-15_7-30-45 PM

In desperate need for some fun, I took to the computer and played a few games. I even thought maybe I could be good enough to enter into a tournament, but that failed epicly. I came in second to last. Maybe next time. At least I had fun doing it.

11-12-15_7-33-46 PM

Figuring I’d do something fun, I invited Hayley from the bar over to see if I could get to know her better. And it was fun, but we just didn’t seem to hit it off as well here at the house. Lauryn from work called and asked if she could come over, and since Hayley was already over I told her that it was a definite yes.

Hayley wasn’t too happy that I invited another girl over, but then I’m not entirely sure why considering she was more interested in running around with my kid brothers than talking or hanging out with me. Maybe she’s just a kid person. I don’t know.

Lauryn and I had a wonderful chat. We shared secrets, and we were able to bond over our love of medicine at the hospital too. She’s a couple promotions ahead of me, so she has a lot of knowledge, but we also get along really well.

11-12-15_7-39-37 PM

And I couldn’t help myself when I surprised her with a kiss. But she swooned over it after the fact. Even started to flirt a little more with me.

11-12-15_7-40-56 PM

We continued oru conversation long into the night. She showed interest in staying the night, and while I would have loved her to do so I remember the problems it caused with mom and Sirius. So I told her next time she was over she could stay the night. She pouted and kissed me, but agreed to that as well. I made sure to tell her some of the why, that it really strained the relationship between my eldest brother and my parents and she completely understood.

11-12-15_7-41-30 PM

We said good night, and she left just in time for my brothers getting hungry again. And Mom, I found, out by dad’s tombstone mourning him again. I hate that she just goes out there to cry. It’s not healthy for her to dwell on it, but I can’t see taking his tombstone anywhere else but here on the property.

11-12-15_7-42-23 PM

Over all, I think my day off went really well. Despite her going out to mourn dad, even mom had a good time with my brothers, out of bed and more active than she has been. I think she’s finally getting up and over dad. Which is good to see.


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