1.50 Draco’s Time

It felt a little lonely in the house after Orion left, though Brennen said that was just because there were fewer adults in the house to help with the chores and things around. Though, he did say that he enjoyed the time between getting up and the kids still being asleep because it wasn’t time for school yet, because we could just have a quiet, easy morning. And while Draco had been up, with his job at the coffee house, he gets home an hour before school starts, giving him just enough time to grab his things, take care of any necessary business, and then hitting the bus for school.

11-07-15_6-37-06 AM

He’s been taking his job pretty seriously too. They told him he had to practice mixing drinks, so he went straight to work after he got home practicing before it was time to head to school. I’m really proud of his work ethic. He’s really stepping up since I told him that I was choosing him to be my Heir for the family.

11-07-15_6-38-24 AM

After the kids got home from school, Sirius stopped by to spend some time with his brothers. He didn’t stay for too long, and I couldn’t convince him to stay for dinner. He said he had to get back home to his family.

11-07-15_6-45-57 AM

After Sirius left, Draco continued to spend time with his younger siblings. They’re really in great hands with my older boys.

11-07-15_6-55-22 AM

Then Brennen decided to cook himself dinner and nearly set himself on fire. I think my heart stopped in my chest for a minute there. I can’t believe he wasn’t that careful with it, especially because it was a grilled cheese. Something so simple, you shouldn’t put yourself on fire making. I’m just glad that he was okay.

11-07-15_6-57-50 AM

Glad enough that I showed him how it was done in the kitchen if you wanted to do some tricks. I’ve picked up a few skills in the kitchen over all, being that I’m a master chef. At least according to me.

11-07-15_6-59-21 AM

After dinner, we sent the boys upstairs to do their homework and then it was off to bed. They all had school the next day, so I wanted to make sure they all had a good night’s rest. And Brennen and I worked in the study after they went to bed for a while.

11-07-15_7-01-15 AM

Lyra called just after I finished my painting, and the two of us had a nice chat before she and I both called it a night.

11-07-15_7-02-40 AM

The next day, we sent the kids off to school like nothing was up. Draco ended up being a sour puss because he thought we’d forgotten his birthday. I think he was pretty grumbly because he knew if we’d let him have his birthday before school he wouldn’t have had to go. But I wanted him to get that last day in before he became my little man.

11-07-15_7-04-33 AM

So we surprised him after school with his favorite coconut cake. He was shocked when he saw it waiting for him on the counter when he got home. So we lit the candles, and had him blow them out and had a small little home party for him.

11-07-15_7-04-39 AM

Before he went to bed, he pulled me aside and kissed my cheek, thanking me for the wonderful cake. Draco makes me so incredibly proud. And I’m honored that he’ll be taking over the family legacy. I just know he’ll do the Blackmoore name proud.


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