1.37 Orion Home Sick

Orion stayed up very late into the night the other night. I’m not sure if he thought we wouldn’t hear him at the tv, or if he just didn’t care. But it’s generally very unlikely Brennen and I won’t hear someone downstairs at night considering our bedroom is still just off the kitchen.

Either way, he made sure to really enjoy himself. I’m just glad that he had all his homework done so it wasn’t going to affect his studies too much.

09-17-15_10-20 PM

And at some point Draco joined him downstairs. Though, I had heard the fridge so I figured he was just hungry. I was glad when shortly after I ‘d heard Draco downstairs, when I’d finally gotten up to check, he wasn’t there. He had the good sense to go back to bed after his quick bite to eat.

09-17-15_10-20 PM-2

The next morning, Orion was complaining of being cold, and he had these little spots all over him. I told him to go ahead and call in sick to school, and to buy some medicine online and have it delivered to the house. I also told him to go ahead and go back to bed.

He didn’t listen to the last part, though.

09-17-15_10-21 PM

He saw his siblings off to school and kind of bummed around the house for a little bit. He did at least rest in front of the tv on the couch, watching tv and napping for a little bit of the time. Which I’m sure helped. I even made him some soup before resting some more myself.

09-17-15_10-23 PM

Once the medicine arrived, we made sure to have him drink it straight away. Even before drinking the medicine he was already looking better. It was a definite good second step.

09-17-15_10-24 PM

Orion finally settled down for a nap after he took his medicine. I think it had some drowsy meds in it, to be honest.

Shortly after he woke up, the bell rang. Since he was already in the kitchen, he yelled that he would get it. Apparently it’s a girl from school that he knows. He’s claiming that she wanted to drop off his homework, but I’m not buying it.

09-17-15_10-27 PM

My boys certainly  do have a thing for red heads. I foresee many little Blackmoore’s with red hair at the rate my kids are falling for people. Which makes me happy in and of itself. I love seeing my boys happy too.

09-17-15_10-27 PM-2

And from the way they spend a lot of time out in front of the house, I am willing to bet that Orion really likes her. He isn’t normally one to dilly dally around girls. Though, that may mean we have a situation similar to his brother too, where if they get serious too fast, too soon they’ll be sneaking around behind our backs.

Being a parent really isn’t easy sometimes.

09-17-15_10-29 PM

After Orion’s friend left, Cassiopeia came over to visit with us for a while. It was so good to see my eldest daughter. She had a wonderful stay and we all got to spend some time with her before she had to go. I was able to capture this endearing snap of a camera while she was saying goodnight to Orion.

09-17-15_10-31 PM

Cassiopeia’s visit made me realize just how much I miss the small part of my family that has already moved out and on their own in the world. I’ll have to have a party soon, so I can invite them all back. Maybe Sirius’ next birthday, since that is coming up very soon.


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