1.38 New Baby Jive

With the kids in bed, once Brennen was home from work we sat down to a nice, home cooked dinner.

It was a nice, quiet time. Though the quiet wasn’t to last.

09-17-15_10-51 PM

Shortly after we finished our dinners the baby demanded that it was time to come out. I’m just kind of glad we weren’t ready for bed yet, and that it was a quick trip to the hospital. I’m excited to have this baby, and like before I was hoping to have multiples, like another set of twins maybe.

Brennen always seems panicked these days when it comes to me going into labor. I’m not sure why Orion’s coming was the only time he really wasn’t that panicked. It may be one of those things that the world will only know.

I will give him credit though, he wasn’t as panicked as when I had to send him home. This was manageable panic.

09-17-15_10-58 PM

I headed inside and to the check in desk. The man running it was off on a break so it took a little time to get me all set in the system. Once checked in, there was a little more waiting for the doctor. It was apparently her night off, but at least she was on call and close. So they had me do breathing exercises until she arrived.


09-17-15_10-59 PM

Once she did arrive though, she was quick to get me in the delivery room. It wasn’t until after I was settled and she started that we called Brennen over to join me. He’d wandered off to try and calm down and I didn’t want to stop his calming down. He’s much easier to handle when calm.

09-17-15_11-00 PM

I was surprised that he brought a sandwich with him. Apparently he couldn’t put it down or finish it before joining me. It actually kind of made me hungry, and amused because even with the sandwich he had this panicked look on his face as he waited for our child to be born.

09-17-15_11-00 PM-2

Unfortunately, there were no multiples this time. Just a stunningly beautiful little girl we decided to name Andromeda.

09-17-15_11-01 PM

I love her already and I can’t wait to see her grow up and watch everything she gets into as she grows.


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