1.33 Spa Day

After everything that has been going on, kids getting older and fires having been started, Brennen surprised me with an all expenses paid trip to the local spa that just moved in. I think this has to be the sweetest thing he’s done in a while, because he told me that he’d take care of everything at home and I was just to relax and enjoy myself.

Truthfully, as much as I love my family, I was excited to have a day by myself. Brennen goes to work most days so it gives him some time away from the family but I’m there all the time because I am self employed, so it gives me little to no time to really have any alone time. There’s always a kid or a husband around me. Plus, since the Dessert Blossom moved in I’ve been wanting to see what they have to offer, and how good their massages will be.

Naturally, I took off for my spa day immediately.

09-01-15_9-45 PM

After checking in, they showed me to this little changing room where they asked me to put on a simple white dress and then a nice, fluffy bath robe that made me feel like I was just snuggled into a cloud. Really, if I’d had a bag with me, I might have tried to bring the robe home with me, it was just so nice. I also absolutely love how some of the mirrors on the wall that light from behind and I think they’re absolutely beautiful. I might see if Brennen can find some on sale for our place.

09-01-15_10-39 PM

The first thing I did was get a back massage. I don’t think anything could have been more perfect. The masseuse was amazing with his hands, and he made sure to work out each and every knot that I was carrying in my back. Truthfully, I didn’t know I had so much in the way of problems for my back until he started to work them all right out.

09-01-15_9-47 PM

After my massage, I decided to take one of their offered soaks. The honey and rose bath. I think that was the most amazing bath I’ve ever had the luxury of soaking in. I had so much fun, and it helped some that I was the only person taking a soak at the time. They light these little candles and just leave you with some soothing music.

09-01-15_9-50 PM

It was almost like I should have had my own little party in here. Even with only having myself as a guest. I didn’t want to get out of this fabulous tub. I wish we had a spa tub back home that I could just lock the door for a few hours and relax, or maybe have Brennen join me as we both lock out the kids for a while.

09-01-15_9-50 PM-2

I noticed while I was moving around the building to my different treatments that they also teach yoga. I may have to try taking a class or two at a later date. It’s supposed to be really healthy, and the people in the class looked like they were having a good time while they learned.

09-01-15_9-51 PM


After my soak, I was feeling very energized, so I decided to take a quick run on the treadmill they have there. Yoga was a possibility, but with how much energy I had, I didn’t think the calming yoga would have been quite the right choice for my outlet.

09-01-15_10-42 PM

Though, I think I sprained something, because after I got off my ankle was hurting. One of the staff was more than happy to check my ankle out for me and make sure that all was well. They told me to sit down, and enjoy one of the complimentary fizzy strawberry drinks and rest it for a bit before I went home and I would be fine.

09-01-15_10-41 PM

So I did as the man ordered and settled in one of their comfortable chairs and relaxed with the very fizzy drink. It didn’t make me energized, which I’m glad for, but actually helped to calm me down with the sweet, soft flavors inside it. I’m not sure what all is in it, but they’re delicious.

09-01-15_10-43 PM

The end of my day came all too fast, and soon enough with my ankle feeling better it was time to go home. I knew the kids were waiting on me. And I wanted to make sure no one else tried to cook dinner and cause another fire. We just couldn’t afford another fire right now.

09-01-15_10-43 PM-2

So after a breath to take in the last relaxing airs of the spa, I set my glass down and went home. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and happy to go back to my family.


5 thoughts on “1.33 Spa Day

    • I really like the Spa Day, though I haven’t really stopped long enough to play it. And once pregnant the sims can’t get massages or do yoga. I have all the Game Packs, Expansion Packs, and Stuffs Packs, and I love integrating them into my story though. And finding new ways to use or introduce them.


  1. I loved seeing her spa day! I love that pack, but then again, I love going to the spa in real life when I can. 🙂 Strange that pregnant Sims can’t get massages. It’s actually quite good for you in real life to have one when pregnant.


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