1.34 Growing up, Moving out

The day after my spa trip the kids all marched off to school. I’ve been really pushing my kids to get good grades and do hard work in order to be great and accomplish their goals and dreams as they can. Sirius and Lynx both grumbled about how early it was that they had to get up and ship out to school before the sun was really up. I told them not to complain too much, because I was already up painting.

My spa trip left me in a seriously inspired space, so I’ve been painting like crazy since getting home. Brennen gave me a kiss when I said I wanted to paint, and told me that he’d be in bed sleeping to be ready for work. I told him to go ahead and sleep. He needs it since he is working so hard to slowly work his way up in his career. Because we’ve been focusing so much on our family, it’s been a long, hard process to give him the time to focus on his career though. Not that we regret our focus. He keeps saying we’re not done with having kids, so we’ll see if that’s’ true.

09-01-15_9-52 PM-2

After school, the kids amazed me and got right into their homework. I think they’re finally starting to get that school is really important. Cassiopeia especially has worked hard on her grades. She’s been bringing home A’s for a while now and I told her if she keeps it up life will be nice and her birthday will be sooner. She was excited at that prospect, and so, after a little bouncing grin, made sure to go back to working hard on her schoolwork.

Sirius finished his work early and moved from the dining room table to the couch so he could read quietly while the rest of his siblings finished their work. Though I saw him glancing over at Draco, making sure the youngest of his siblings was alright, because being finished he would be the one to help him out. But thankfully, Draco is a smart little kid, and didn’t need the help. He just took a little extra time to make sure it was all done and finished.

09-01-15_9-55 PM

After they finished their homework, Sirius made them all bowls of cereal while I went to bed. After spending most of the day painting I had started to feel tired and decided that it was time to go back to bed. He’s good at making sure to take care of his siblings, seeing to their needs and making sure that everything around the house is done as well.

Though, I do have to say that Orion made sure the broken bathroom upstairs in the boy’s room was fixed while Sirius got the food settled. My two oldest boys are so good to their youngers, and I couldn’t have asked for better in that respect. Though if I am to be serious, Sirius’ girlfriend hasn’t been around and he has been slipping out occasionally without much word to go see her. I know they’re probably more serious than Brennen and I would like, but I’m not sure how to get him to bring her around again. Especially with such a full house.

09-01-15_9-57 PM

Once their dinner was taken care of, most of them marched upstairs and straight to bed. I don’t even have to be strict about a bed time, because they’re all good at making sure that they get enough sleep before their next school day.

09-01-15_10-08 PM

Lynx though, wasn’t tired and decided to play games on the computer while I got up and started painting again. I know I have a few books that need to be finished, but the painting has been calling to me right now and I really want to make sure that it gets done. And that I feed the inspiration that comes to me, not push what isn’t coming to me, because it may not be great if I push to write and don’t really feel it. And if it’s like that, then my books won’t be great and they won’t make all that much when they finally do sell. So for now, I’ll continue to paint until it is time to write again.

09-01-15_10-11 PM

Lynx finally grew tired though, and when I saw him start to drift and fall asleep at the keyboard I told him to go upstairs and go to bed. There was a little arguing, because he wasn’t done with his game, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer. Not when he had school the next morning. So he grumbled and trudged his way upstairs.

Shortly after he did, Orion came down to make himself some breakfast. I peaked my head out of the study and asked him to make a family size batch and he smiled and went ahead to do that for me. I was starting to get a little peckish and wanted to have some food after I was done painting. He was quick to eat and head back to bed though, which was nice that he at least wasn’t pushing his limitations, what with school coming soon.

09-01-15_10-12 PM

After I was done painting, I grabbed a quick shower and Brennen woke up and joined me at the table for a quick late night snack. We both talked about how we loved our family, and how I really loved this new table he’d crafted, as well as the chair he’d made. They both looked stunning, and I told him it’d be great if he could finish the set, six nice chairs to match not just the one. Especially since, sitting on the bar stools that we have at the table now, it’s a little high to be able to really put your food down on the table because you have to bend nearly in two in order to use the table.

09-01-15_10-16 PM-2

He agreed that having more chairs to match the table would be good, and after he finished eating and took a shower he got straight to work on making more of them. It’s been a little while since we’ve worked on things in the study together, and I enjoyed talking to him while I went back to painting and he started to make more chairs. The next couple didn’t really turn out well, but we found a small family down the road that were happy to buy them from us, so we sold them and he continued on making more.

09-01-15_10-18 PM

The kids read and ate breakfast before they headed off to school the next day, all of them now fitting around the table like a beautiful family should. Brennen settled in to watch a little tv before he would go back to work on more chairs during the day while they were at school.

09-01-15_10-21 PM

After school, and after dinner. Lyra and Sirius surprised Cassiopeia with a birthday cake. She blew out the candles and made a wish, hugging her siblings for being so thoughtful for her. The three spent a good deal of time taking pictures out in the studio, memorializing this moment for them.

09-01-15_10-26 PM-2

That next morning, Cassiopeia came to me and told me she was planning to move out. As a young adult, she wanted to start her life and give her father and I a little more space. Lyra and Lynx both requested we let them move in with Cassiopeia, and much as I hated to see my family start to split up, I couldn’t help but agree. They gave a fairly well made argument about how, since Brennen and I still wanted a few more kids it would be easier on us to have them if they moved out with Cassiopeia. Less mouths to feed and more room for their soon to be brothers and sisters. It was a tear filled goodbye, but Cassiopeia promised to move into a house nearby so that we could still call them over for parties and everything.

I’m a proud momma, watching my birds leave their nest and enter that big world. But I’m still sad to see them go at the same time.


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