1.32 Fire!

Tonight was incredibly exciting, but not in the great way. Lyra wanted to surprise the family and cook dinner for us all, but that turned out to be a deadly and disastrous decision on her part. Unexpectedly, the stove caught fire, and lit her on fire as well. We were able to get her out first, and then the stove out before it spread too far. But if you couldn’t guess, she wasn’t entirely happy about this turn of events.

I told her after her shower to maybe watch the cooking channel a little more before attempting to cook again. That way she can get a little more hands off experience before she tries for another hands on attempt. First things first though, was to have her go up to take a shower and get all that soot off her. We were just lucky that she didn’t actually get burned or hurt during this episode.

09-01-15_9-24 PM

Sirius looked after getting his sister upstairs, making sure she really wasn’t too hurt. Meanwhile, Orion couldn’t exactly figure out how the stove caught on fire. It wasn’t like she was making an extravagant dish or anything, she was just looking to make a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches for her family. And because it was on fire, it also meant that our stove was now dead. No cooking until we can finish it.

Since the kitchen is right off the front door, and you can’t leave the house without passing it, it’s hard to keep her from looking at it. But Orion was nice enough to throw away the ruined start of food and wash the floor around the stove to make sure it was as clean as possible. With it being such a black stove, it was hard to tell it was burned and broken, and because Draco had been out playing when it happened he came in asking for mac and cheese.

Unfortunately, no stove means no mac and cheese. And we didn’t have enough money to buy a new stove right away.

09-01-15_9-25 PM

Cassiopeia has seen me paint and sell my paintings for big bucks, so she decided to try her hand at painting as well. I love that she really wants to help out, especially since after the fire I was really tired, so I decided to take a nap while everyone was still safe. So she spent the afternoon painting. She didn’t get nearly as much as I usually do for my paintings, but any money, no matter how small, goes toward a new stove and she’s a wonderful daughter trying to help us out.

The boys all parked it on the couch while she was doing this, with bowls of cereal since we couldn’t cook anything. I hate to see them go without a hot meal, but one night wouldn’t kill them. Besides, there were some garlic noodles in the fridge left over if they were really wanting something other than cereal. So maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

09-01-15_9-27 PM

In order to deal with her anger and being tense over being set on fire, and covered in soot, Lyra decided to go off on a jog. I’m not sure where she came up with jogging, as we’re not exactly the most active family. Most of the time the family is sitting around our tiny table, watching tv on the sofa, or sitting on the computer playing games. But I’m glad that she chose something active and healthy in order to try and get her frustrations out.  And, well, as a mother, I have to say that she’s actually kind of cute in her running outfit.
09-01-15_9-28 PM

While she was out, Cassiopeia continued to paint, the boys continued to watch tv, and Brennen finally went back to working on that dining room table. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why this table is taking so long. But I was glad to see him get back to work on it. It’ll be nice to have a table that all the kids can sit around while they eat dinner at night.

09-01-15_9-30 PM

And he was able to finish that night, before he went to bed, and shortly after I woke up from my nap. I had a bowl of garlic noodles at our brand new dining room table. Of course, with a table that looks this nice, we really need to rework the house and see if we can make a real dining room instead of a big kitchen – dining room – living room kind of deal. But we also need chairs that will match. Brennen has already promised me that he’ll work on them next and that they shouldn’t take as much to get done.

09-01-15_9-33 PM

Even with the fire, I think that my family is good right now. I spent most of the night painting while my family slept. I was thinking of putting it towards redoing the kitchen, but all those simoleans went toward the bills that arrived the very next day and took half of the simoleans I made from all my paintings.


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