1.31 Twins Turn Teen

All the birthdays recently. It’s been crazy in here. I don’t think we’ve been without cake all week because of all the birthdays we’ve had. Which, while delicious, is not that great for the waist line. I’m thinking of taking up jogging just to keep the food off.

But enough about me. This post is all about my twins growing up into little teenagers. Cassiopeia helped me to make the cake for them. They both wanted a strawberry cake, so we made one. for them after we cleaned up a little bit.

08-16-15_10-28 PM

And of course, I had my little green horn to make all the noise in celebration for the twins growing up. We lit the cake and Lyra went first in blowing the candles out. She was so excited to go first, let me tell you.

08-16-15_10-30 PM

And the rest of her siblings joined in with noise makers and confetti of their own to celebrate her aging up.

08-16-15_10-30 PM-2

And of course, after she blew out her candles we relit them for Lynx, so he could blow them out. And there was not a lack of confetti, let me tell you.

08-16-15_10-31 PM

It’s a bright and beautiful day. They both aged into beautiful people. And I can’t wait to see them grow up more as time goes on.

08-16-15_10-31 PM-2

But I’m also kind of happy that Draco has a ways to go before he turns into a teenager like the rest of the brood.


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