1.27 Ice Cream!

Brennen and I bought something special for the kids. Well, for us too, but for the kids mostly because we think they’ll love it. So in order to make sure it was a surprise I sent them off to do activities that would keep them out of the kitchen. Three of them went outside to play with the pirate ship, while the fourth decided to practice on his violin. I’m not sure where Sirius wandered off too, but I’m sure it’s nothing terrible. So long as this can be a big surprise.

08-16-15_9-18 PM

So the surprise for the kids is an ice cream maker! Brennen and I were out, and with how warm it’s been we thought it’d be a great treat to cool us all down at the end of the day.  And there are so many recipes I have for what to make. But first, I wanted to inspect it with excitement. We got it in purple, it was either purple or stainless steel, and at least the purple works with the color scheme in the kitchen. And you probably noticed, we also splurged a little and upgraded the counters, and since the stove and fridge were constantly breaking we replaced them with newer models. I think, if we can get the kitchen floor re-done, that it will look amazing.

Brennen was suggesting that maybe we put a wall up to keep the tv out of the kitchen area, but I don’t think that it makes too much of a difference. I like the open area, it makes parties in our house just so much easier. We’re also discussing either a basement or a third floor, but we haven’t decided yet. Soon, I’m sure, we’ll decide.

But for now, the ice cream maker!

08-16-15_9-22 PM

So first we have to add the milk to the machine. Naturally. Can’t have ice cream without milk.

08-16-15_9-22 PM-2

And because I decided to make Mint Chocolate Chip, we need to add the chocolate and the mint.

08-16-15_9-22 PM-3

Then it was a bit of a wait around while the machine worked its magic. After it was done I did a quick taste test of it, and it was absolutely delicious. I was excited to tell the kids that their surprise was ready.

08-16-15_9-23 PM

It didn’t take much to bring most of the kids in. Though, Lyra straggled for a bit. She always likes to make sure everything is cleaned up before coming inside. She’s amazing that way, really.

08-16-15_9-24 PM

But she was definitely not left out of grabbing a bow of ice cream. The boys were oddly good about making sure they finished their homework before they grabbed their own bowls. They’re really turning into responsible teens. Just need those birthdays to roll around.

08-16-15_9-26 PM

Lyra definitely loved her ice cream, so much that Orion told me she grabbed a second bowl. How she went to bed after all that sugar is beyond me.

08-16-15_9-27 PM

Shortly after everyone went to bed, I heard someone in the kitchen. I came out just in time to see Kassandra leaving from upstairs. I think I might now know where Sirius has been all day. And I can’t say that I’m overly happy about this little revelation. But I’m not sure I can do anything about it either.

08-16-15_9-28 PM

I didn’t have too long to wonder though, because Draco started to cry. Brennen and I got up in order to get him all taken care of. But since we were back up, we both decided to get up and moving while the rest of the kids were sleeping. He grabbed a shower while I fed and rocked Draco back to sleep.

08-16-15_9-29 PM

After that the three of us decided to grab bowls of ice cream. I must say that this new maker really went over spectacularly. It’s a hit with the whole family. Definitely going to have to make sure I make more later in the week.

08-16-15_9-30 PM

Brennen and I tried to talk to Sirius over ice cream, but it didn’t seem to go well. He got angry and finished his ice cream faster, before storming off to bed. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with that boy.

08-16-15_9-32 PM

After Sirius went upstairs, Brennen started to get flirty with me. And it lead to us getting a little frisky.

08-16-15_9-34 PM

It made the night end in a really high note. And both of us going back to bed well rested before a new day.


3 thoughts on “1.27 Ice Cream!

  1. The ice cream maker is so much fun. It’s great to see them all enjoying such a nice treat. 🙂

    Abigail and Brennen are going to get quite a lot of grey hair from Sirius’ antics. I’m afraid he’s going to learn a very hard lesson the hard way.


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