1.26 When Mom’s Away…

So, I’ve locked this from Mom, so even if she signs on she won’t be able to read it. But I wasn’t all that happy with her telling me what I could and couldn’t do with my girlfriend. If we wanted to do something, then we should be allowed to do it. So what if we’re young? We’re in love, and was want to express it in the ways we saw fit. And if that didn’t sit well with her, well, we aren’t going to stop, we’ll just have to find our own time to be able to do it.

While mom was collecting some snacks for my siblings, and getting them all together to go to the park, I called Kassandra over to the house because I wanted to spend some time with her. Since mom was extending the olive branch, I was going to take it, at the very least and have her be over more often. It was true, if she was going to be part of the family, and she and I both want her to be, then we needed to let her get better acquainted with the family she’d be joining.

07-26-15_11-14 PM

Naturally, she agreed to come over. We had originally been planning to spend the day hanging around the mall before heading to her house while her parents were at work, but with an empty house here why waste good time hanging out at the mall. I saw my family off to the park, and was glad to see that shortly after they left she arrived.

We spent a small while talking, because I wanted to fill her in on everything that mom had told me. she wasn’t any happier being told what was acceptable for ways to show me her love. And she agreed that we weren’t going to stop just because our parents were pain in our side grouches about us showing affection. No. We both agreed that we’d continue to show it how and when we wanted. Though, a lot of the when we wanted tended to happen while her parents were at work because my house was almost never empty.

She did agree though, that she’d spend a little more time over at my house, in order to better get to know my family. Dad was claiming maybe having a barbecue and inviting her over, but first he needs a grill and with the upstairs remodel under way I don’t see a grill on the purchase list. Though who knows, maybe he will since he’s saving money by building some of the furniture. He wants me to start getting into it so I can know how to make things when I finally have a family of my own. And that, I might just take him up on to learn.

Kassandra loved the idea too, and asked me to make her one of those cute heart wall hangs once I start learning. And for her, I’ll definitely learn and make it.

07-26-15_11-16 PM

The afternoon started, after our long talk, with making out on the couch in the living room. But it soon, like it normally does with us, grew a lot more passionate. With the house empty, we didn’t need to be discreet, but we both did want to be more comfortable. And I knew that mom and dad had moved the old queen bed up into the guest bedroom upstairs. So after we broke for a little air I stood and lead her upstairs.

There’s not much in the way of decor upstairs, just beds and some really sparse bathrooms at the moment, but I told her as we walked that mom wants to have pictures of the family all along the walls soon. Pictures she’ll have to paint herself, of course, but she’s excited to try and get some done. And since Cassiopeia wants to learn photography, we might have some of hers on the wall soon too.

Once we got to the bedroom, it didn’t take long for us to end up in bed together.

07-26-15_11-16 PM-4

I don’t know what mom and dad are fussing about though. Kassandra and I plan to be together forever, no matter what the future holds. Nothing will tear us apart. I want to always curl up next to her, and have her close when I wake up in the morning. We already have the love my parents share.

07-26-15_11-17 PM

So I don’t understand why she keeps nagging on me that we have to wait to show it.

P.S. Don’t show mom this. I wanted to write this down, but I don’t want her to find out just yet. She may blow a gasket and stop trying to know and like Kassandra.


2 thoughts on “1.26 When Mom’s Away…

  1. Haha. I had a feeling something like this would happen while everyone else was at the park. Sirius, ol’ chum, you’re asking for trouble. Mom and Dad are right. The two of you need to think with your brains and not your hormones.


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