1.15 Dates and Birthdays

Sirius invited his friend over, she’s a teen now and he’s a little jealous that she’s grown taller than him now. But he’s excited because his birthday is going to be in a few days. Soon he’ll be a teen too. My little man is growing up so much. Brennen kept an eye on them while they hung out.

07-03-15_7-09 AM

Though, dazing himself because he hit his thumb with his hammer while he worked didn’t exactly lend itself to great watching of the kids. Sirius refused to leave his friend’s side, the two having too fun a conversation for them to quit it or join anyone else outside of the study. I really think that he and his little friend are smitten with each other, and we’re going to have to be careful when he gets older. While they bonded, Orion and I had some good mother/son time and Cassiopeia worked on her drawing skills. I really think she’s going to end up being a famous artist like me.

07-03-15_7-09 AM-2

Sirius and his friend spent most of their day in the study, while Orion and his sister played in her room. And while all that was happening, Brennen pulled me aside and asked me to go on a date. It’s been a while, and several children, since we had a real date. But, they were old enough to watch themselves while we went, and with Sirius’ friend at the house she could help keep an eye on them. So I wasn’t too worried about saying yes, though I did worry a little and ask Brennen what about his birthday, didn’t he want a party instead. He said no, he’d rather spend this birthday with me, quietly than have a loud party. We’d be having Birthday Parties soon enough for the kids, after all. I couldn’t agree more with him.

07-03-15_7-11 AM-2

We didn’t waste any time in telling the kids to be good and heading off. He’d secured this nice little lounge out in Newcrest for us to visit. With the up and coming area, there weren’t too many people and we were able to have the patio and the piano player all to ourselves as we snuggled and talked like we haven’t really been able to since the last date. With his schedule, and the kids, it has been hard to find the time to just get out and be together for a little while.

07-03-15_7-13 AM

He was even nice enough to give me a back massage when I said it hurt a little from the baby I was carrying. He’s the sweetest husband I could ask for, really. Though, I almost hit him, playfully I promise, when he said I was starting to look bigger than I had with any of our previous children. I’m not sure if that’s really true, but something tells me he’s hoping we have more than one this time.

07-03-15_7-13 AM-2

While he made a quick pit stop, I sat down and played with the piano a little. I don’t have any training, but ti was fun to play with it, and I might see if I can talk him into scrounging and watching sales. Maybe we can get one and I can really learn, and we could play together, Brennen on his guitar, Sirius on his violin, and me on the piano. It’s a fun thought at least, though right now I’m not sure our house is even big enough to hold a piano. There is some serious renovation that needs to happen first, and that means even more scrounging and skimping while we save.

07-03-15_7-16 AM

With no piano player, once Brennen was back he took advantage of the microphone and started to make some jokes.

07-03-15_7-18 AM

He hit his stride, and even earned an audience. Or, well, an audience of one past me, but still, it was more than what he had. And she seemed to enjoy herself while he told jokes. Anywhere he can practice and earn more skills for his work is definitely a plus in my book. Though, his performance was cut a little short because the baby started to kick and and upset my stomach. We headed home together, though he had to go to work almost as soon as we got home.

07-03-15_7-18 AM-2

Sirius and Cassiopeia were bonding out on the front walk when Brennen and I got home too, and I think that was just really sweet.

07-03-15_7-21 AM

Orion wanted to join them in playing outside, but since he hadn’t done his homework at all this weekend, I told him he wasn’t allowed to play with them until his schoolwork was done and ready for class on Monday.

07-03-15_7-23 AM

He sulked some, especially once his siblings came inside and went to play in Cassiopeia’s room. I think the problem was it as worse because he could hear them. But, well, they had both made sure their homework was complete on Friday so they wouldn’t have to worry about it later. And having it done meant they could play instead. Maybe he’ll learn that it needs to get done sooner this way.

07-03-15_7-24 AM

After Brennen came home, I pulled out the birthday cake I had made him and we put birthday candles on it. The kids were well into bed, but he was happy that we were able to share his turning into an adult alone together. He insists that for my birthday, we need to make sure we buy a camera and can preserve it by taking pictures at it. We’ll see though. By the time I have my birthday, I may have too many kids running around to worry about pictures.

07-03-15_7-25 AM

Here’s to many more happy times with my husband, may death never be too quick.


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  1. What a cute ginger family. I’m loving your challenge blog so far. I was wondering if you would take a look at mine? I just started and I’ve never done anything like this before so I would love some feedback! erbelegacy.blogspot.com

    – Sarah

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