1.16 Twins Steal the Day

Cassiopeia spent many hours after everyone else had gone to bed working on her art. She’s a very dedicated artist already and that’s amazing to see. I just hope that she wasn’t too tired when she goes to school, but well, she’ll learn to manage her time better if she’s tired and has to keep trucking through school that way. I like my kids learning their lessons as they can, and life certainly gives them all plenty as they grow up.

07-03-15_7-27 AM

Early in the morning, I ended up going into labor. Though, I was starving too. Brennen thought that I was insane for eating a piece of cake before I woke him up to drive me to the hospital, but he just doesn’t understand how hungry I was. It had to be rectified. Sometimes guys just don’t understand pregnancy cravings. And plus, chocolate cake, it just kind of brings a peaceful feeling while eating it.

07-03-15_7-28 AM-2

I think it was because I waited to eat the cake, but Brennen was panicking really bad once we arrived at the hospital. This was like, way worse than the last three kids and I’ve never seen him like this before. After running with his hands waving above his head around the lobby twice I just sent him home. There was no reason to keep him there panicking, it would just raise my stress if he stayed around in that state.

07-03-15_7-29 AM

Last time I had been here at the hospital, the desk assistant was alive. Apparently at some point he had died and, like the doctor, continued to come to work despite being a ghost. I’m really starting to wonder exactly what kind of contract these workers sign that the hospital continues to make them work even after death. It’s really weird, and I’ve never seen ghosts work this hard before, or at all really. Though, I also haven’t really ever seen ghosts before.

07-03-15_7-30 AM

My doctor was alive this time. She was the acting nurse when Cassiopeia was born, so it was nice to see that not only was the ghost doctor hopefully able to move on, but she was able to get a promotion. And I felt more comfortable without Brennen because I knew my attending doctor. She was very soothing, and despite the pain and waiting, or maybe because I waited and ate that cake, everything went smoothly with my new babies.

07-03-15_7-30 AM-2

That’s right. You heard me. I said babies. Two. One boy and one girl. Brennen missed the birth of our twins, but he’ll be able to really bond with them when we get home. And I just feel fantastic. I have five wonderful children now. It’s a wonderful feeling, in my opinion. I can’t wait to watch each and every one of them grow up into fabulous adults.

07-03-15_7-32 AM



Just a quick shot of the twins in their respective rooms. Brennen and I weren’t sure if we should keep the twins bassenets together or not until they grew up, but thee’s really not enough space in our room to keep them there, and it’s weird to keep them out in the family area. So we put Lyra in the girls’ bedroom with Cassiopeia and Lynx in the boys’ room with Sirius and Orion. Hopefully Brennen and I can be quick enough when they wake up in the night so the kids won’t have to be up too much when they cry for a feeding or to be changed.

07-03-15_7-34 AM

Now that the house is pretty full, I think I’m going to work harder at both my writing career, and do a couple paintings, so we can get the second floor built. Brennen and I have both discussed how we want to change things up, and we both agree that bedrooms would be good for the second floor and then we can open the first floor up more to crafts, maybe get a bookshelf for some books, and he even suggested a little gallery room for some special paintings. First we have to save. I am thinking we’ll need around 10,000 simoleans for this renovation and we only have 300 in the bank, so we both need to start saving a lot more.

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “1.16 Twins Steal the Day

    • Thank you very much! I was looking through constellations and the two names just matched so perfectly, so I thought they would be perfect for the twins. =)


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