1.14 Growth of a Child

Today started out a good day. I did a couple tricks, not that anyone was awake to see them, while I was cooking breakfast. I woke up before the rest of the house did so I thought I’d be nice and cook a big breakfast. And even though there wasn’t anyway around to see my tricks, it was very nice to just have the house to myself while I moved around. And there’s something nice to be able to be awake before everyone else, and have that quiet settle in. Once everyone is awake, it gets a little hectic.

06-16-15_3-02 PM

The boys joined Brennen and I once the food was finished. Orion finished his breakfast before I was able to really sit down, which left some room on the couch for me while he wandered over to use our new tiny table to finish his homework before school. Both boys have been working very diligently to keep their grades up and make Brennen and I both proud. Though I think we might need to reward them. Maybe invite their little friends over for a play date so they can have some fun this weekend.

06-16-15_3-03 PM

Just after breakfast, Cassiopeia grew up into a child. And what a beautiful little girl she is. She asked if we could go shopping, and I think both of us might make a mother/daughter day of it later and both of can get some make overs. I think it sounds like a pretty fantastic idea, so I told her yes. Because really, who wouldn’t like a make over? And it’s something the boys just wouldn’t understand. I don’t think they really care so long as the clothes on their backs are clean and unstained. Though, I also don’t think Sirius and Orion would really mind having their clothes stained if they’d been outside while they played either.

06-16-15_3-55 PM

But first, we all had some work to do. Orion helped Cassiopeia with her homework while he researched for a school paper on the computer. And Sirius did his homework at the table in the main room. The kids are so good at things like this. And while they were studying, and Brennen was at work, I decided to get some painting done. I’m almost a master of my craft, didn’t you know.

06-16-15_3-56 PM

Well, I guess what I meant by almost a master, was that it only took one more painting to reach master status, from what my agent says anyway. I feel pretty accomplished with this too. Accomplished enough that I was thinking of getting into writing and try reaching the top of another skill.

06-16-15_3-59 PM-2

I painted a master piece after reaching Master level, and what I sold it for was enough to get us this little spare hallway on the side of the house. Right now the stairs just lead up to a little patio area because we didn’t have much money after making that room and the stairs were really expensive. Brennen and I were discussing moving all the bedrooms upstairs and having all the activities being down on the first floor. If we did that, we’d be able to have a lot more room for more children because we could make both the boy and girl bedrooms bigger.

06-16-15_4-05 PM

We’ll see. I think I like this idea of his. Expanding all the fun things on the lower level and having quiet upstairs.


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