1.44 Hubby’s an Elder…

Brennen and I both really wanted to spend some time with Leo at the same time, and it made things a little cramped in our room. It was after this, that we moved the boys into the playroom next to our bedroom. It left plenty of space around both cribs to be able to share enjoying our sons when they needed or wanted attention. (That and the writer just thought this picture was kind of hysterical.)

10-16-15_3-16-27 PM

After we both made sure that Leo and Corvus were asleep, we headed out because we heard the doorbell ring. And with it being late, neither of us were expecting company.

We found Sirius feeling the baby as Kassandra giggled that it tickled. The two of them, despite breaking all the rules do look so very happy. And I do want my family happy above all else.

10-16-15_3-20-12 PM

I came out to greet Kassandra and she invited me to feel my first granddaughter. Not being one to shy away from the beauty of a baby, I gratefully took her up on the offer and felt the baby kick. She does have a strong little Blackmoore growing inside her. I can’t wait to meet my granddaughter or grandson when the time comes.

10-16-15_3-21-35 PM

After feeling the baby, the three of us had a long heart to heart about the future. And while Sirius does love me, his father, and his siblings, he had concerns that he and his growing family would get lost in the shuffle. And, truthfully, I can’t blame his worry. Things are always crazy around here with his brothers running around, and now two new babies to look after. So we finally agreed that the best thing for him would be to move in with Kassandra and for them to live their lives.

I made sure he knew he was expected to stop by and visit often, because I wanted to keep tabs on how he was doing as he lived his life. And the first moment that he could, I wanted pictures of my grandchild. He agreed, and said he’d visit soon.

It was Kassandra who offered to spend the night here one last night, giving us a little more time together before Sirius moved out. Naturally, Brennen and I agreed to that.

10-16-15_3-21-50 PM

Especially since it was Brennen’s birthday. We had to settle it in style.

10-16-15_3-22-35 PM

After all, it’s not every day that my husband goes from an adult to an elder.

10-16-15_3-22-39 PM

He’s still as handsome and debonair as he was when he was a young adult and we first met. And I made sure that he knew that.

10-16-15_3-23-07 PM

Though, it also makes me think. I haven’t even had my adult birthday yet. Which means I’m going to loose Brennen far earlier than I’d like, I think.

My thoughts were interrupted by both boys crying at the same time. With only two hands, I moved to take care of Leo. Kassandra came downstairs and helped to take care of Corvus for me. She is a wonderful help around the house, and part of me is sad to see Sirius move out with her instead of her moving in with us, but at the same time, I think there are far too many babies in his house right now. And he is right. He needs to be given the chance to live his own life.

10-16-15_3-25-48 PM

I spent some of the night painting after that, because it helps to calm my nerves and helped to tire me out a little.

10-16-15_3-26-45 PM

That morning, we said goodbye to Sirius and Kassandra as they headed back to her house. It was a bitter sweet moment. Every mother wants their babies to grow up and do wonderful things with their lives, but at the same time it’s a sad thing to see him go.

I just hope he follows through and sends pictures of his child soon.


5 thoughts on “1.44 Hubby’s an Elder…

    • Yeah, it’s because the aging pauses while they’re pregnant. You can’t age them up while they’re pregnant, I tried to have her blow out candles because she’d supposed to be an adult about four or five kids ago, but the game refused to let me. So she’s so very much younger than her husband right now. Heh.


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