1.42 Surprises!

I’m not too sure if there’s something to be concerned about, but Ara has been talking to herself. Brennen said it’s just her way of expressing herself while she draws at the activity table, but I’m not so sure. Right now, I guess I’ll just hope Brennen is right. She’s rather bright and cheerful otherwise, though she does spend more time alone in the play room than she does with her siblings. There’s not too much I can do about that though, because she loves art and working on her art and I know how that feels.

09-29-15_6-01-48 PM

Brennen suggested that I try some yoga to de-stress after all the birthday fun, but yoga isn’t exactly allowed for anyone who might be pregnant. So I looked into what I might be able to do and found that meditation is a good way to let the stress melt off of me too. So I bought myself a stool and started to meditate. Brennen thought it was a little funny that I put it outside, but with a house full of kids, outside is really the only place that I can go in order to relax like this.

So far, I really like it. I’ve thought up a couple recipes already that I can’t wait to try thanks to just clearing my mind and letting myself relax.

09-29-15_6-07-36 PM

Meanwhile, Sirius has spent a lot of time on the computer emailing Kassandra while the kids have been off at school. I’ve mentioned to him that he might want to either get a job or invest his time in a skill that can bring in money, but he’s kind of waved that away for favor of talking to his fiancee.

09-29-15_6-10-43 PM

He was on the computer enough that he actually overheated it and broke it. One look at me as he tried to slip out of the study and he was back in there working on fixing it. I won’t have people in this house breaking things and then skipping out on fixing them. We may be a little easier on money these days, but I’m not going to waste money when something can be fixed instead.

09-29-15_6-11-10 PM

After school, the kids come home and worked really hard on their homework. I don’t let any of them slack off. They’ve all been grumbling this week that I’ve been a slave master with their homework.

Maybe I have. I don’t know. But I do know that both my girls are now straight A students. Something they wouldn’t have been able to achieve if I hadn’t pushed them to work on their homework night after night.

09-29-15_6-16-12 PM

Friday after the kids got home from school, and the homework was done, Kassandra surprised everyone by stopping over. I think the biggest surprise was the condition she stopped over in.


I should have known, really, with her sleeping over after he proposed. But it didn’t really hit me. She’s almost as big as I am too.

09-29-15_6-18-24 PM

And Sirius’ reaction to seeing her pregnant was to get happy and excited. He wanted to know if she could move in straight away, and I told him that I didn’t think it was possible. I was already pregnant and we had a very large house as it was. But that we’d talk to his father when Brennen got home from work.

Apparently that wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear and the two of them left for several hours.

When they came back, Sirius announced that they had gotten married.

Eloped, really. No celebration, no family. They’d decided to rush into it.

09-29-15_6-18-42 PM

And he gave Brennen and I an ultimatum. Either Kassandra moves in before she has the baby, or he moves out and into her house. He wants an answer soon.

09-29-15_6-19-29 PM

The girls are due for a birthday, and both already want to move in with their sister Cassiopeia. Brennen says Kassandra won’t be due until after I have our baby, so to not stress about it until after our bundle of joy is here. Once our baby, or babies, are home from the hospital, we’ll give it some serious thought and give Sirius an answer before Kassandra has her child. I don’t want to alienate him, but I hate that he rushed into this decision too.

Now we have a big decision to think on.


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