1.41 Whirlwind of Birthdays

With the Fall coming, Brennen and I decided to invest in a pumpkin carving station. He thought it was be amazing to be able to take his handyman skills and carve the family a pumpkin. So of course, I told him to go ahead. I’ve been painting so much that we actually have a spare bit of cash. What I didn’t tell him was while I was out I also picked up a skeleton bare for the kids’ room and a couple front lawn lamps that look like ghosts. I wanted it to look at least a little festive, even if the town here is perpetually Summer weather.

So naturally, he went right to work carving that pumpkin I brought home for him. He really got into it, and I won’t be surprised if we end up with several around the house and yard.

09-29-15_5-29-09 PM  09-29-15_5-29-16 PM  09-29-15_5-29-47 PM

Orion on the other hand, went to work on his school work like a mad man. He’s really determined to get it all done before the next day of school, even though we were celebrating his brother’s birthday that night.

I made sure to make a fun batch of scary cookies. Though, Orion barely glanced up at them from his book. I really do have a determined son.

09-29-15_5-30-02 PM

Everyone came home for Sirius’ birthday, and we even invited his girlfriend Kassandra over. It was an amazing time, to have all the kids in the house and watch my eldest boy turn into a young man. I even made a special zombie cake for him, at his request. There was a LOT of celebrating.

09-29-15_5-32-09 PM  09-29-15_5-33-18 PM

09-29-15_5-34-01 PM  09-29-15_5-34-32 PM

What no one expected was for Sirius to propose to Kassandra shortly after he’d had some cake. He disappeared up to his room for a brief moment before returning and getting down on one knee in front of her. I wish he would have warned us just a little, but I guess he figured we wouldn’t approve of moving into an engagement so fast after becoming an adult.

Not to say I’m not happy for him, because I am. I just wish he would tell me some things before I have to watch them happen wtihout any knowledge.

09-29-15_5-37-19 PM  09-29-15_5-37-26 PM

09-29-15_5-37-30 PM  09-29-15_5-37-46 PM

I also didn’t expect him to ask her to stay the night to celebrate their engagement. Which he did, and she said yes. After the kids went home, Kassandra stayed. I thought it would be awkward, and it was some, but she also did help out a lot over all. She came downstairs after getting some sleep, I hope it was sleep, and helped to clean up after the party. As well, Draco had broken the shower and she went right to fixing it which I do appreciate as well.

09-29-15_5-40-41 PM

After all the cleaning, she asked if she could use the computer, and I told her to go ahead, but that I would be painting while she did. She said she was happy to spend the time with me and we both started to chit chat about things. She’s hoping that Sirius will move in with her once I approve of him marrying her, and she knows that I’m still considering him as my Heir to take over the family name, so right now we’re at a little bit of an impasse. Only the future knows where Sirius will go, or if he’ll stay, and part of that has to be all on him and his decision.

I may have to make it clear to him that even though he jumped the engagement, I’d be happy to have Kassandra as part of the family. That he knows marrying her won’t put him out of the running if he doesn’t want it to.

09-29-15_5-41-12 PM

That morning, early that morning because he just couldn’t wait, Draco came down excited and bouncing. Because it was his birthday. And we couldn’t very well send him off to school without celebrating. So I baked him a cake, he loves vanilla, my little man, and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. Even Kassandra celebrated with us, since she was still in the house.

Draco really did turn into a strapping young man, if I do say so myself. Though, he has this strange obsession with taking selfies already.

09-29-15_5-46-30 PM  09-29-15_5-47-06 PM

And even Ara’s birthday hit. She turned into a beautiful little girl just like her sisters. Though, I can see a little insanity in her. I hope it doesn’t rub off on her siblings too much. She was a little shy in getting her picture taken though, so there isn’t a great shot of her.

09-29-15_5-52-51 PM

Oh! And I forgot to mention! I’m pregnant again! Brennen and I are hoping twins again. Twins would round our number to ten children. At which point I think I will tell him that we are done. I’d like to enjoy watching my babies grow up instead of popping out more of them just because I can. The two of us deserve to relax and enjoy the rest of our adulthood before it’s too late. So here’s hoping we can have twins.


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