1.21 Sirius’ First Date

I’m kind of taking over mom’s journal for today, because after I went shopping with Kassandra I asked her out on a date the next day. And she said yes, which just made me so happy.

I told her we were going to head to the park, and so we met there after breakfast. It was a bright and beautiful day, and she was looking beautiful when I arrived and saw her waiting for me.

07-26-15_10-50 PM

I surprised her with a kiss right off the bat, and she loved every second of the kiss. Even kissing me again after I pulled back a little.

07-26-15_10-51 PM

We spent a lot of time talking, though standing around doesn’t really help us be close so we looked around the park a little and found a nice looking bench to settle on.

07-26-15_10-52 PM

She asked a little why I was so dirty, and sadly I didn’t really have that great of an answer for her. I was helping Mom and Dad get my brother out of the mid from last night’s storm and it was either show up a little dirty or be late and I was excited enough to see her that I just didn’t want to be late and keep her waiting at the park by herself.

07-26-15_10-53 PM

I made sure to regale her with my heroic tale of getting my brother out of the mud. She was hooked on my every word, and I kind of loved just how she couldn’t look away and even leaned forward as I told my story.

07-26-15_10-53 PM-2

After I was done with my story, she leaned over and kissed me. We spent a long time on that bench, talking, kissing, and just sharing time together. It was a wonderful day, that grew into night.

07-26-15_10-54 PM

Unfortunately, the time came that we had to say good night. Much as I wished that it wouldn’t have to end. So we took our time saying goodbye for the time being. I promised that I would call her when she looked sad for us having to part.

07-26-15_10-55 PM

We left everything on a hug and a kiss. The hug lasting a long time, and I really think that it’s a good time.

07-26-15_10-56 PM

I can’t wait until we’re able to see each other again. Not just at school, but when we can spend more time together again.



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