1.20 Oldest gets Older

We apparently have two night owls in the house.  Cassiopeia and Sirius were up late Friday night, though I think it’s because they knew they wouldn’t have to go to school the next day. Not sure I like them being up past bed time, but they weren’t too loud and they didn’t wake their siblings up so I wasn’t too worried about it.

07-17-15_8-07 PM

That next afternoon, Lyra went out to play on the pirate ship. I was a little worried at first because she was out there all by herself while the rest of the kids were inside playing.

07-17-15_8-09 PM

But Cassiopeia was soon to join her. It was Cassiopeia’s first time on the pirate ship, bit I think the two girls shared spectacularly well. And they looked like that had some great fun to boot.

07-17-15_8-09 PM-2

Great enough that they ended up spending most of the afternoon out there while the boys stayed inside and watched tv. I might have to start telling them to get outside, and keep them off the tv at some point. But at least all the kids are doing their homework before they veg out in with their respective relaxation activities. It will be better for all the kids to be more active I think though. Because it keeps them fitter than just sitting on the couch all day.

07-17-15_8-10 PM

I did tell Sirius that he needed to practice his violin. He’s been seriously slacking in his practices, and it was really obvious when he finally did pick it up. Brennen and I agree that we’re going to have to make sure that he keeps it up, and schedule at least an hour or two of violin time into his schedule from now on.

07-17-15_8-11 PM

While Sirius practiced I made a big dinner for everyone. Not just for because, but because tonight was a special occasion. So we had a big family dinner to celebrate.

07-17-15_8-14 PM-3

What special occasion, you might ask? Well Sirius’ birthday, of course! My little boy is growing up, the first of many. Orion and Cassiopeia’s birthdays are inching ever closer as well. But for tonight, it was all about my oldest. Naturally there was a cake, his favorite is chocolate.

07-17-15_8-16 PM-2

Orion and I made sure to celebrate in style with confetti and a party horn while he made his wish and blew out his candles.

07-17-15_8-16 PM-4

Brennen and his brothers stayed around after the candles were out, but the girls were the first to wish him a happy birthday and then skip off to bed.

07-17-15_8-19 PM

I had to make sure that everyone knew that they were only allowed a small piece each, because with it getting late I wanted to make sure that they would all sleep tonight. Tomorrow is Sunday, but after just taking everyone shopping Sirius wanted to hit the mall with his little girlfriend and see about picking up some new clothes. We’ll see how well that works out when he gets home tomorrow.

07-17-15_8-19 PM-2

And no, the girlfriend comment wasn’t because things were official, but now that he’s a little older I can see it happening already. The two are close, and only bound to get closer, though I think he’s also met another girl at school. We’ll see which he invites to the mall tomorrow, I want to make sure he knows to bring her home for a nice dinner so we can get to know her better, whichever girl he invites home.

For now, I’ll just keep dreaming that he’s still my baby as he sleeps peacefully.

07-17-15_8-20 PM-2

Though, it wasn’t long before Brennen and I cleaned up the celebration and headed to bed ourselves.

07-17-15_8-22 PM

A house full of kids, peaceful, mostly. Brennen has some work to do fixing the girls’ dollhouse and the broken shower tomorrow morning. But over all, it’s peaceful. And I’m not sure I could have asked for better. The kids though, are asking for a third bathroom, so there may need to be a renovation as soon as we can save to afford it. Brennen suggested I do a few more paintings since they are always going well. We’ll see. A little more space in the house with this next baby might just be a good idea.


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