2.42 – It Came from Under the Bed

Lauryn ended up in a cooking mood and decided to make dinner while the kids were getting home from school. She really is a wiz in the kitchen when I watch her cook. If I tried half the tricks she’s able to accomplish, I’d end up with most of the stuff on the ground instead of on the food, or on a plate.

06-22-16_5-53-11 PM

Rose was the first to grab a plate with her mom, and instead of sitting at the table, the two decided to settle in the living section of the room and chit chat about their days. It’s really sweet to see them hanging out like this.

06-22-16_5-54-49 PM

Mid meal, Hermione came over with a problem and Rose was right there to help her little sister fix it. And even had a hug for her after the problem was solved.

06-22-16_5-55-12 PM

After dinner Rose went downstairs to the bar to practice some drink making. She wants to be a master mixologist, and isn’t taking any pause in learning, it seems.

06-22-16_6-10-27 PM

On the plus side, it means that we’ll have a surplus of delicious and wonderful drinks when we want some. She made a couple for Lauryn and I, and a couple soda drinks for her siblings.

06-22-16_6-13-34 PM

Before we could go down and drink them though, a scream from Hermione’s room had us all rushing upstairs to see what was the matter. She kept crying about a monster under the bed.

06-23-16_7-57-25 PM

Rose wasn’t sure exactly what she was talking about, because it looked perfectly fine to her. She thinks that her sister just had a bad dream and it lingered into the waking up. After all, Rose grew up in that bedroom too, and she never had any problems.

06-23-16_7-58-22 PM

But, to get Hermione to agree to go back to sleep, I sprayed some of the monster-be-gone that Lauryn had ordered thinking we might have some monster problems.

06-23-16_7-59-49 PM

A couple days later, Hermione also requested a monster night light to keep it away while she slept. We didn’t see the harm in it, so we said yes, of course.

06-23-16_8-01-09 PM

Since we plugged it in, it seems to help her sleep all the better, so I guess we can say it works. Though I’m with Rose, I don’t think there’s actually a monster. But if it helps Hermione sleep, we’ll play along.


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