2.40 – Big Sister Duties

Today, Rose decided to do something nice for her siblings, and for the family as a whole really. She made a delicious fruit salad for us all. She’s really gotten into cooking recently, as well as taking pictures of the food she or her mother make. We’re starting to sprout food photos around the house, which has been interesting.

06-22-16_5-17-39 PM

She even used some of the freshest fruit from the garden, which I personally love since that garden is all my hard work for our family. She says the fruit from there gives it just a little extra love.

06-22-16_5-17-59 PM

After she made her salad, she headed up stairs to see her siblings. Hermione, at the smell of the fruit salad, decided her nap was over and that she needed to go down and grab a bite to eat.

06-22-16_5-18-39 PM

And Harry asked her for some help with his homework. So she helped him while she ate her meal up in the girls bedroom.

06-22-16_5-19-02 PM

After she finished her meal, she headed downstairs and worked on her own homework.

06-22-16_5-22-51 PM

I think her mother and I made the right choice when we decided to make her the heir to the family. She’s smart, responsible, and she’s already looking out for her siblings, which leaves me no doubt that she’ll do the family name proud.


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