2.39 – Rose’s Date

I’m taking over the blog from dad for today. He keeps wanting to know my new friend’s name, well, I’ll give it to you lot first. His name is Zane. He moved here with his parents and siblings. He didn’t want to really move, but as most cases go the kids don’t really get a choice.

He and I had become fairly fast friends. Well, he and his family and I did. But there was just this special spark between Zane and I and I jumped at the chance to follow it. So when he asked me on a date, I couldn’t be happier.

06-07-16_4-58-32 PM

The diner was moving slow, taking a while to get to our table and deliver our orders, so we had a lot of time to talk and get to know each other better. Plenty of time to be able to flirt with him too.

He then told me that he thought I was beautiful.

06-07-16_4-59-43 PM

I loved the compliment so much that I couldn’t help leaning forward and kissing him. He enjoyed it so much that he kissed me back. We didn’t get too much farther though, because our waitress finally came around with our food.

06-07-16_5-00-08 PM

The food was great too. We had cream sodas with our meal, and it was fun to have a drink more colorful and tasty than water. The diner does root beer floats and cream sodas amazingly well. And all this watching them hustle and bustle around is making me want to own a restaurant of my own more and more.

06-07-16_5-00-38 PM

After dinner, before we went home from the date, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Naturally, I said yes! It’s so exciting to have a boyfriend. He’s amazing, and likes me, and I can’t wait to see how our relationship grows.

06-07-16_5-02-12 PM

Of course, this also means there will probably be a family dinner. Mom and dad are going to want to meet him.


6 thoughts on “2.39 – Rose’s Date

    • They really don’t. The spares seem to like just wandering off and eloping and moving out. But at least Rose should be using that beautiful wedding arch in her backyard once she and Zane are young adults.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww, I do like the big backyard weddings they have. They sure do have some large families in every generation so the wedding guest list is ridiculous. Are you using the MCC mod?


      • It’s fun to have all the family back to see the new generation married. Heh. Though, I keep checking into some of the siblings and there’s not too many of Draco’s generation left, sadly.
        And no, I’m not using any mods. My computer doesn’t like mods or cc, so I end up needing to stay away from it to run my games. Granted, it’s only gotten angrier since Windows 10 launched itself without my wanting on my computer too. =\

        Liked by 1 person

      • Windows 10 has been so hit or miss for people. I love it on my laptop, and it’s worked with my game. MCC is the only mod I use. I simply had to have it because it gives me story progression, which I was dying to have back in my life. It would be so cool to see what Draco’s grandchildren look like.


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