2.38 – A New Beginning

So, I think Rose has found someone she likes. Not just friends, but really likes. From what I was about to pick up from the snippits that she’ll tell her mother and I, he’s part of the new group that just moved to town. She spent a good deal of time on the computer chatting with him after she got home from school.

06-07-16_4-31-33 PM

And then she made a big dinner that she wouldn’t let any of the rest of us touch at all.

06-07-16_4-34-38 PM

Afterwords she grabbed a shower and then invited him over. They spent most of their time out on the front lawn just gazing up at the sky as they talked about everything in the world. They were out there until it grew far too late to really be out there without any light but the moon.

06-07-16_4-42-10 PM

Which just meant they came inside and ate the dinner Rose cooked for them. They continued talking late enough into the night that I had to come out and send him home because she needed to grab some sleep before school the next day.

06-07-16_4-48-35 PM

I told her if he spends that long here again, she’s going to have to give me a name. All she did was grin at me as she headed off to bed. Hopefully I can get a name out of her tomorrow once she’s had some sleep.


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