2.37 – Family Night Out

Today after school, Lily and Ginny came home from school and told Lauryn and I that they were moving out. When I asked where, they said their Uncle had agreed to let them move into one of his houses. They said they were going to work out rent with him, but they pretty much packed their bags, kissed our cheeks, and headed off.

Rose told me that she met some new transfer kids today. They invited her back to their house for a little while, but over all, I told her that she couldn’t stay too long because her mother and I had dinner plans and we wanted to go as a family.  So she made sure to make the best of spending some time with her new friends.

05-29-16_8-48-21 PM

Lauryn put her hurt at the twins heading off on their own into some yoga, trying to ground and center herself in order to not lash out or pout too much. They weren’t even adults yet. Teenagers moving out on their own. It’s really hard to hear, and to watch happen. But at the same time, I watched all my siblings move out because they weren’t going to be the heir, even when they were teenagers, so I can’t say I’m surprised or anything either. I do understand.

05-29-16_9-04-12 PM

Once everyone was home, we headed out to try this new restaurant that opened in town. It looked cute, and Lauryn and I thought it’d be nice to get away and not have to cook ourselves.

06-07-16_4-01-02 PM

We all settled into our casual dress and headed inside, Lauryn the first to get up to the host stand to get us a table. But we were settled soon enough, the dinner rush not setting in just yet.

06-07-16_4-02-41 PM

We were surprised to find Albus and his wife sitting just a table away, and made sure to tell us hello. And then a second surprise to find Scorpius and his wife out on the patio of the restaurant, enjoying a meal while they babysat a neighbor’s little girl.

It was actually really nice to stop but the table and say hello to both my sons before settling with my family to eat. It’s not often that I get to see them anymore.

06-07-16_4-03-59 PM

The food arrived promptly and was very delicious. We splurged a little on our dinners and all enjoyed root beer floats. The kids especially loved it.

06-07-16_4-04-35 PM

And after a delicious dinner, we had some very fancy, very tasty desserts to appease our appetites.

06-07-16_4-09-10 PM

I think it also helped Rose on her decisions about whether she wants to open a restaurant or not. It gives her a little better insight of the workings on as the kitchen and wait staff moved about and delivered orders. She said it helped, so we’ll see how well and where she takes this information.


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