2.36 – Just Another Day

There wasn’t too much happening the last couple days to really speak of. Just kind of a life as normal, I guess. The twins worked hard on their studies.

And Lauryn helped to make sure it was all done well so they were ready for the next day of school every night.

05-29-16_8-08-19 PM

I made dinners for when everyone got home from school and work. My girls have it easy, they don’t feel the need to get part time jobs, because Lauryn and I have been able to bring home more than enough money to keep our family happy and healthy.

05-29-16_8-15-51 PM

Even Rose has been hard at work in her studies. She’s been talking about wanting to open her own business, though she’s not sure what she’d want to open. There’s plenty of choices and we spent a good deal of time talking about the pluses and minuses between a retail shop or a restaurant.

She said she had a lot of thinking to do, and didn’t want to just jump right into it without a plan. I think she’s a great choice to take over as my heir. I haven’t told her officially yet, I want her to get closer to finishing school before she has to worry about taking over the family house and name.

05-29-16_8-17-04 PM

Hermione hasn’t seemed too interested in school. Harry has been studying up a storm, but it’s always hard to get her to sit down and study.

She chose instead to focus on telling me that the oven was smoking very crazy like. Which, I do have to admit, was a little concerning.

05-29-16_8-21-36 PM

Lauryn decided to hire a caterer to cook for our family while she took it upon herself to fix the stove and get it into working order.

05-29-16_8-22-44 PM

Rose chose to ignore all the hustle and bustle with the caterer, instead working on her business plan at the table. I think she’s on to the pro and con list.

05-29-16_8-45-03 PM

Meanwhile, Lily and Ginny took advantage of the caterer and made sure to eat all the delicious food. They didn’t even help with cleaning up any of the plates.

05-29-16_8-45-33 PM

Lauryn thinks we made the correct choice, in Rose as the next heir to the family. Lily and Ginny are a little lazy and take for granted the easy way of life they have it here in this house. They’re going to find it a hard reality when they move out and find they have to do their own laundry and cooking and cleaning. But that’s for later. For now, they still have beds and homes here.


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