Author Note 20 – A New Heir is Picked


Thank you all for voting, some twice! Heh. The tie has been broken and we have a winner!

*drum roll*

Heir final

ROSE! The eldest daughter, will be our Generation 3 Heir!


Congratulation to Rose. I can’t wait for it to become her time to take over. Until then, she’ll be hopefully dating around to find a future husband.

And, because her name is Rose, her children will be named after flowers. If you want to suggest names for some of her future children, please leave them in the comments. =)


One thought on “Author Note 20 – A New Heir is Picked

  1. I usually have a difference of opinion from the majority in these votes, so I’m glad my candidate won this time! (Well, my second choice, but still…!)

    You should name Rose’s firstborn Hydrangea. Just kidding, lol. I like Marigold and Daisy. And of course Lily. For a boy, Lotus, Aster, or… Snapdragon…?


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